Mid way Sneak Peak!

Well, as of tomorrow we are half way through our time at home. We have survived tornado warnings, watched other people around us not so fortunate, and in non weather related news, we;ve been having a blast!
The weather has been gorgeous for the most part and when tonado warnings aren’t in abundance, it has been HOT! I love it. I think I’m the only person on the face of the planet that actually looks forward to coming home to heat and humidity.
We’ve been hanging out with family, taking trips to the park, lunches and dinners with friends at restaurants that I miss ridiculously, oh yeah. And we went to the Indy 500! (Awesome! A post in and of itself!)
Here are a couple of pictures so far and look forward to lots of posts in a couple of weeks as I get back back home and back on track. (Don’t think my Op LTL goals of maintaining are going to happen. =) )

Going down the bouncy slide with Aunt Sara

Playing at the park with Aunt Faythe & Aunt Kati.

The walk to the car after the 500.

Ella loves the grass on her feet! In between trips into the pool of course!

Ella, Ella, Ella

So, when you read this, Ella and I will be on a plane on our way to Indiana to visit our family back there for 4 whole weeks!
I just wanted to get some photos up for everyone to enjoy while I’m gone. I’m sure my blogging will be sporadic at best.
So, last Wednesday, Brad took my car down to the big city to get my windshield replaced (thank goodness!) While waiting for everything to be done, he ran some errands. He called me all excited because he had found some clothes at Target for Ella, on clearance. When he showed them to her that night, she wanted to put them on. All of them. At the same time.

Oh yes, that is a dress, over a jacket, over a skirt, over her clothes for the day. =) My little fashionista.
Then she wanted to take pictures.

Not too bed, eh? But next she wanted to pose for pictures, in her beautiful outfit, with Mommy and Daddy.

(Yes, I realize my bangs are outta control. I will be rectifying that situation shortly!) And then, she was off to play!

On Saturday, she found a headband that her Ning Ning had sent her last year in her Easter basket, can you tell she LOVED it this year?!

And for comparison sake, here she is a year ago.

And my last photo for the day; Saint Ella. Or, Obi Wan Ella, take your pick. =)

(Please excuse the mess, this photo was taken right after Saint Ella Hurricane Ella Hit!)

Operation: LTL Week 6

6 Weeks down and the weight keeps coming off! I am pretty nervous for weeks 7 through 10. Why? because tomorrow morning Ella and I fly out to go home for 4 weeks! I am so excited about going home and visiting everyone, but nervous about being around all of my favorite places to eat. (Looked it up on myfitnesspal.com a frisco melt and small cheese fries, 1100 calories! Gulp!) I’m gonna have some sweating to do while I’m home if I’m going to even maintain my weight that I’m at now! Not to mention, does anyone at home have a scale I can hop on from week to week to see where I’m at? =)
Brad is bringing our w.ii with him on the drive home so that I can keep working out even if I don’t make it to Sara’s, I’m going to need it.

Starting weight: 155.4
Week 6 Loss: .8
Total Loss: 8.2

So, this week wasn’t horrible but not amazing. I contribute that all to Saturday. I was doing SO good, then Saturday hit and it was calories galore! McDonald’s for breakfast, pizza hut for lunch, and we grilled out brats for dinner. Woah!
I did bike a total of 21.6 miles but as you can see, the food got the best of that deal. But, a loss is a loss and I’m proud to keep getting closer to my goal!

My goals for the coming week, portion control while at home around these tempting restaurants, and do at least a half an hour of exercise each day.
Wish me luck! Also, prayers for safe travles for my family and I over the next few days would be GREATLY appreciated.

Best drop off morning in FOR-EH-VER!

As soon as Ella turned 1, seperation anxiety kicked in BIG time!
I’m dropping Ella off at day care, I try to set her down when we walk in the room, legs come up, there is no setting the child down. I carry her in to the kitchen area to put her food away having to make trips to the fridge because one arm is full of toddler. Repeat this scene when putting her diapers in her cubby.
Able to put Ella down to sign her in and then all heck breaks lose. I either try to kiss her goodbye or hand her off to a teacher; cue the waterworks and screams of “NO Mom mom!”. That’s on a good day, I can usually not hear her anymore by the time the door to the room closes. Well once it was like something straight out of a movie, I get her set down try to put her food away “No mom mom No!”, try to put her diapers away, she wraps her little body around my leg; “No Mom mom No”, the whole time cue the tears and wails. I bend down to detach her from my leg only to have her grasp around my neck screaming and crying the whole time. When one of her teachers finally takes her, an unholy meltdown insued, I could hear her screaming after I’d left the building! Thank goodness that only happened once.
Today was a complete 180 so I hope we’re making progress.
We get to the hallway, she wants down to walk. Walks in her room herself and goes right over to the books and starts reading. I’m able to put her food away and she takes a book over to Miss. B to read to her. I go to put her diapers away and she waves at me as I walk by her. She starts playing with a toy and I walk over to sign her in, she whimpers a little. I say “Ella, Mommy’s gotta go to work” she walks over and gives me a kiss and goes back to playing with her toy. All the teachers in the room were like “Who the heck is this kid and what did you do with Ella?!”
Thank goodness for good days!

Operation: LTL Week 5 & A Blog Award

Week  5 was another pretty good week for me! I was SHOCKED to see a loss at all on the scale, my eating right resolve was weak this week. I found a bag of Hershey’s Kisses in the cabinet and couldn’t stop at just one. LoL

Starting weight: 155.4
Week 5 Loss: 1.4
Total Loss: 7.4

Last week I biked a total of 12 1/2 miles and I did my just Dance 2 workout 5 days. I did bump my total “sweat point” goal up to 2,000 a day (about 475 calories) and I’m having so much fun with it!
Sara has just dance 2 at home so we can dance together while I’m there, I’m thinking about getting the Zumba Wii game though so that I can mix it up a bit. We’ll see.
Speaking of seeing. It’s hard for me to see a difference in how I look day to day; but a handful of the guys at work have said they’ve noticed that I’m losing weight and when we were at Ella’s first part of her 15 month well check, her pediatrician noticed and commented as well! It’s so great to be getting feedback from people and to know that my work is paying off!
Now, on to the award, my first! =)

I was given this award by the Super Sweet Kelly over at Candid Confessions of a Southern Princess. I saw her link on the blogrolls of a couple of other blogs that I follow and I’m so glad I did. She is so honest in what she writes and I love following along with her pregnancy! Thanks Kelly!
So, here’s how it works:

1. Winners grab the image and put it in your blog.
2. Link back to the person who gave you it.
3. Tell 10 things about yourself
4. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.
5. Contact the bloggers you have awarded to let them know they have won.
Alright, 10 things about me: =)

1. I am married to my best friend and we have the most precious daughter. I live for them.
2. I have a twin brother
3. I am the only blonde in a family of brunettes
4. I love myself some chick flicks
5. But to round myself out I also love pretty much any movie about sports!
6. I was one of those weird people who LOVED being pregnant!
7. I love sushi and would eat it every day if I could afford it.
8. I am a self proclaimed shopping addict, but I don’t usually like shopping for myself.
9. I live in the Rocky Mountains and I really do not like snow.
10. I love to read and I will not let go of any of my books! (So glad Ella already has a love for books!)

And now, the blogs that I am awarding are: (Doubtful I’ll make 15!)

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Well, I made it to 12. No I’m off to let them know they’ve won too!

A Perfect Day & My Strong Girl

Mother’s day was the most perfect day I’ve had in a long time. It started off right with Ella letting us sleep in until 8:15, I needed that. We got up and got dressed and Daddy & Ella took me out to breakfast at my favorite breakfast place. Ella behaved SO well while we were out at breakfast, she even colored me a picture.
After breakfast we went and picked up my Mother’s Day gift, New patio furniture. Well, new in more ways then one, of course we’d just bought it so it was new, but we didn’t have any to begin with so it was very new! I am so excited for all of our outdoor dinners and family time to come!
After Brad picked that up he got home and we got it all set up, about that time Ella woke up from her nap so we went on a walk around the neighborhood together so Brad could have some time without interruptions to put together his grill.
Our short walk turned in to a great play date with the neighbors. Owen & Oliver had just gotten a new swing set/ jungle gym and Ella was more than ready to help them break it in. About an hour and a half later we finally made it home, the grill was all set up.
We went to the grocery store to get some steaks to grill and came home and Brad made me and Ella and amazing dinner and we were able to all eat together on the back deck.

This set came with 6 chairs, lots of good times to be had!

It was the PERFECT day!
While we were out shopping for the patio furniture, Ella fell in love with some chairs of her own! I had wanted to get her one and then we figured we would get one for a friend too, her favorite thing to do is push them around the deck. =)

This morning; Ella had to get her shots from her 15 month appointment. Her ears looked great so now all we have to do is finish out the prescription. (Thank you everyone for the warnings to keep a close eye on her due to the nature of the medicine; she has handled it very well!) Shots went so well, she had to get 3 total and cried while they were being administered. The Dr warned us that this is the worst round pain wise, poor baby. But about 2 seconds after the shots were over she was done crying. I had barely scooped her up, the handed her a basket of stickers to pick one out and she was a happy camper. Until she realized that she wasn’t nursing, she screamed until I got my shirt open for her. LoL, she was more upset that it wasn’t automatic than she was about the shots!

My Operation: LTL post will be tomorrow, I didn’t get a chance to weight this morning. After our gorgeous day outside yesterday I ended up with a wicked sunburn and it is taking it’s toll.

Our weekend (only a little late.)

Last Friday we went to the Grand Beginnings Children’s Fair out at the middle school. Ella had a blast running around, looking at all the different exhibits, and playing with the animals. It was and awesome activity to have going on inside since it was SNOWING!

To Me: “Mommom, DUCKS!!!!” To the ducks: “Quack, QUACK! ROAR!!!”

She LOVED this goat!

So did Kasen.

They both loved fishing, and after you caught a fish you got to pick out a prize. There were sparkly bracelets, bookmarks, pencils, crayons, bouncy balls. What does my little girl pick out? A football pencil! Love it!
Ella was amazed by Smokey The Bear. He even got a high 5 before she realized how close she’d gotten to him and that she’d actually touched him. Then she freaked!

Then everything was fine, because there were baby bunnies that needed some attention. . . . .
And another trip by the goat!
And a trip to the photo booth!
We had an awesome time at the Children’s fair, Ella made out like a bandit at the booth sponsored by the library. Each child was allowed to pick out a book to keep, since Ella wanted to sit there and read books all morning, they let her take two! I love that she loves reading!
We can’t wait for next year!

Every little thing she does is magic!

Ah! Just got the cutest story from daycare!
I went over to drop off our schedule for the next couple of months and I guess earlier the new little baby was crying in the swing and Ella walked over to her and picked up her blanket and paci and gave them to her and then leaned in a kissed her!
OMG, I love that child! I had to call Brad and tell him that our child just made my ovaries scream at me!
Haha, that is all. =)

Operation: LTL Week 4

Wow, I’m at a full month already! I feel amazing & I have lots of numbers for you today!!!!
Well I have officially hit my first goal! I am in the 140’s!!!

Starting weight: 155.4
Week 4 Loss: 1.4
Total Loss: 6.0

                             Starting:                                  5/2/11:                     Inches Lost:
  Bust:                  38.5 inches                              37.5  inches                1 Inch
  Waist:                34 inches                                 33.5 inches                 .5 inches
  Stomach:            41.5 inches                             39.5 inches                  2 inches!!!
  Hips:                  43.5 inches                             42.5 inches                  1 inch
  Thigh:                24.25 inches                           22.5 inches                   1.75 inches!!
  Arm:                  12 inches                                11.5 inches                   .5 inches

Total inches lost: 6.75 inches!!!

So excited! I was really NOT looking forward to getting on the scale this morning. Last Sunday was Easter so I had some wine and ate lots of good fattening food. Then I woke up on Monday feeling horrible, head stuffy, could not breathe, horrible. I felt that way most of the week so I rode my bike for a grand total of 3 1/4 miles all week. My saving grace was that I was finally able to get to the post office to pick up our Easter box from my mom which contained Just Dance 2, so I was able to dance on Saturday and Sunday when I was feeling better. I was doing the “Just Sweat” version and was able to dance off a thousand calories a day. Love it! And it’s so much fun!
Yesterday I finally got the jogging stroller all assembled but it snowed off and on all day, no way was I taking Ella out in that, it was freezing! The clouds are breaking today and it’s supposed to be nicer for a couple days (of course since today is Monday!).
My goals for this week are to continue eating healthy, to “Just Dance” every day, and get back my endurance on the bike after missing a full week!
Goal # 2 (130’s) here I come!
And I have decided that my reward for meeting goal #1 is my jogging stroller, no need to spend money on anything else!
To all of my weight loss friends, hope you’re feeling as motivated as I am to stay healthy and on track!