Our Easter!

We had a great Easter this year! Brad had to work so Ella and I were able to slip something by on him. Since his truck is broken he has been taking my car to work on Sundays leaving Ella and I stranded. He thought this was the case on Easter. Well, Ella and I had some plans with our neighbors. Alicia had to work also so she was able to keep Brad in the dark but Darren and I took Ella and Kasen and went down to the big city to get Brad his Father’s Day gift. (I know, a couple of months early, but it was on sale and this was the only time I could do it without him knowing.) So after a couple of tall tales about what we were doing all day (“Oh, we’re still at the store. Had to go back in because we forgot to look for ham!” And he believed us!) Brad is now the proud owner of a new Grill, as his VERY early Father’s Day gift.

He was quite excited! After we got home it was time to start cooking, Kasen & Darren were taking care of the Ham and the dessert, Ella and I made the sides and appetizers. Ella though took an excellent nap so I was able to cook while she slept! After Daddy got home and we showed him his present (wrapped up in a sheet in the back of his truck, complete with home made card from Ella) she got her Easter basket. She LOVED it!

We didn’t get to hide eggs on Easter because it was too busy DUMPING snow! But we did get to hide them on Monday evening, she loved this also!

Good thing we hid the eggs while we did. 5 Minutes after we got inside, it was dumping and the ground was covered in snow again!
Yay Spring!


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