Operation: LTL Week 3

Another week down and I am so excited with my progress!

This morning the scale read 150.8!!! That’s 3 lbs gone! And less then a pound to go before I reach my first goal of being in the 140’s!

Starting weight: 155.4
Week 3 Loss: 3.0
Total Loss: 4.6

This week was great, the more I exercised the better I felt! I didn’t really exercise on my days off but I continued eating healthy.

This week I got on my exercise bike every work day!
Saturday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: 6 miles
Friday: 7.5 Miles!!!

My goals for this week are to do at least 4 miles on the bike every work day and to do at least 1-2 miles walking (with the video, it’s been snowing for a week and is a 70-80% of snowing every day for the next week!) on my days off!

My next Operation: LTL post will not come until May 2nd. Tomorrow is the last day of the ski season, thank goodness! So I will be switching to a Mon-Thurs schedule. Unfortunately I only get tomorrow off before I’m back on Monday but it shouldn’t be too bad.


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