Things I don’t want to forget

Ella amazes me every day! We have really been working on her signing of please and thank you. She isn’t very good at thank you because she confuses it with blowing kisses, but she will say “Tan ku”, melt my heart! Please though, this kid is amazing! It usually takes a little prompting (“What do we say?”) and she will say “Pwease”  and her little hand goes up to her chest and she kind of signs it, she doesn’t have the perfect motion but she knows what she means.
Well, the other night at dinner she wanted to bring her sweater that she was not wearing in to the high chair with her. This was fine until she started dragging it through her plate (caserole, cottage cheese, and zucchini, made for a big mess) so we took it away and set it on the chair next to her. She threw a fit “No, no no!” cue the tears and screams. We told her she could have it back when she was finished eating. “No, no no!” more hysterical screams. And then, mid scream, she stops, her eyes light up, her hand goes to her chest “Pwease?!”
OMG, I couldn’t say no. Just after a couple days of talking about please and showing her the sign, she totally got it without prompting. I couldn’t say no to her. So, she got her sweater back and it happily sat next to her in her highchair until she was done. Love her!
Now, when you say, “Can (insert name here) have a kiss?” She gives the person in question, and then leans out to everyone around her to give the love to all.
Last night was the annual “Lifty Volleyball Game”, our poor maintenance team was out in the first round, but when we were leaving, Ella wanted to give high fives to all of the spectators, she’d just go from one to the next with her little hand out. Everyone loved it.
She is just the sweetest thing and amazes me every day.
Tomorrow I’ll be posting about the birthday party she went to this weekend for her buddy Reo, she had so much fun!


2 thoughts on “Things I don’t want to forget

  1. Hi! These posts are the BEST… they help us remember all those sweet moments! :)Thanks for saying "hi" to me, now that I am back in the blogosphere. You are inspiring me, with your updates on your sweet girl. Thanks!

  2. So cute!! She is really learning her words and commands quickly! Logan could careless about talking right now! hahah boys are slower I guess (sometimes). and a zoo date sounds great! I now have weekends off (at least for the next several weeks) so whenever is good! 🙂

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