Operation: LTL Week 2

Let me just start by saying; I seem to be very consistent with my weight loss. Haha
Stepped on the scale this morning, 153.8.

Starting weight: 155.4
Week 2 Loss: .8
Total Loss: 1.6

This week was another hard one in some ways but getting much easier in others. As I said in my Zoo post, Brads Mom was in town this week so we did a lot of eating out. Some times I made good choices, other times not so much. I also didn’t work out on Sunday or Monday while she was here. Tuesday, I’m going to count lugging a 19 lb little girl around the Denver Zoo as my exercise.

Getting on my bike at work every day is so much easier already and I look forward to it every day!
Saturday: 4.00 miles
Sunday: Lazy day
Monday: Ran Errands
Wednesday: 4.13 Miles
Thursday: 2.15 Miles (The day I felt the worst from this stupid cough/cold)
Friday: 5.14 Miles

Not bad over all. I cannot wait for next Saturday to see the scale after a full week of eating right and working out. I am getting more determined every time I see the number go down and I love the burn that I get in my legs after a long ride.
Also, I did it! I ordered the jogging stroller/bike trailer that I have been wanting. Circumstances worked in my favor. We just refinanced our house and this was our month of skipping a mortgage payment, this also happens to be a 3 check payroll month. I was able to put my part of the mortgage in savings and get all my bills paid early, so I went for it! I cannot wait for it to get here because it should start warming up soon. I asked Brad if he would run with us and I got a “We’ll see.” So, I guess we’ll see. =)
Overall, a good week. Now just to keep eating right and making good decisions. Plus, I need to get in the habit of doing my video at home. Baby Steps. =)


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