14 Months!

First of all, I have to say:


Yep, today is my Mom’s Birthday and I hope she is having an amazing day!

Also, as you can see from the title, Ella is 14 months old today! How does this happen so quickly?! She is so so smart and it seems like she learns a million new things every day!

Here’s all about a lot about Ella this month:

  • Not sure how much she weighs but she sure does seem heavier every time that I pick her up!
  • She is an amazing walker and even tries to run sometimes.
  • Her favorite pass times include (but are not limited to); removing all the DVD’s from the shelf, throwing anything and everything in the trash, sitting on her potty, trying to eat the dogs food, closing doors, and just plain being OUTSIDE! Too bad it’s still a little chilly here most of the time.
  • She is getting better with her signing and now will sign perfectly, Eat, More, and Milk.
  • We are working on signing: Please, Thank You, All Done, Tired, & Water.
  • The words she uses are Mama, Dada, pup pup (for our dogs), she’ll sometimes say Cody, up, ball, shoes, Nie Nie (night night), No, bye bye, sit (sounds like a bad 4 letter word), shirt.
  • She can tell you what a bear says and what a duck says.
  • She loves bath time but HATES having her hair rinsed out, if you get water on her face get ready for a meltdown.
  • She LOVES the water fountain though and would gladly sit at the grocery store and put her face in it all day.
  • Ella loves picking her own outfits (more photos below!)
  • She eats like you will never feed her again and drinks whole milk like nobodies business.
  • Ella still nurses about 4 times a day and if she misses a nursing session, watch out for another melt down.
  • She is down to 1 nap a day and refuses the 2nd one, but this has moved her bed time up to between 6:30 and 7:30 and then she sleeps straight through until 7-8 the next morning. It’s awesome when your toddler can sleep later than you. =)

I know that there are SO many more things that she is doing but I cannot think of them. Here are a couple of pictures from 2 different days this week when Ella picked out her own outfit.
She’s so springy and fun! This is last Sunday.

And here is Monday, look familiar? She just didn’t want a shirt or pants to ruin the ensemble.

Okay fine, I’ll put my skirt from yesterday on, if you insist that I have to wear something!!

Now Where’s my milk, Mama!?

Ella, sporting her super hero cape that I made her, she loves it! “Super E to the rescue!!”


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