Our Easter!

We had a great Easter this year! Brad had to work so Ella and I were able to slip something by on him. Since his truck is broken he has been taking my car to work on Sundays leaving Ella and I stranded. He thought this was the case on Easter. Well, Ella and I had some plans with our neighbors. Alicia had to work also so she was able to keep Brad in the dark but Darren and I took Ella and Kasen and went down to the big city to get Brad his Father’s Day gift. (I know, a couple of months early, but it was on sale and this was the only time I could do it without him knowing.) So after a couple of tall tales about what we were doing all day (“Oh, we’re still at the store. Had to go back in because we forgot to look for ham!” And he believed us!) Brad is now the proud owner of a new Grill, as his VERY early Father’s Day gift.

He was quite excited! After we got home it was time to start cooking, Kasen & Darren were taking care of the Ham and the dessert, Ella and I made the sides and appetizers. Ella though took an excellent nap so I was able to cook while she slept! After Daddy got home and we showed him his present (wrapped up in a sheet in the back of his truck, complete with home made card from Ella) she got her Easter basket. She LOVED it!

We didn’t get to hide eggs on Easter because it was too busy DUMPING snow! But we did get to hide them on Monday evening, she loved this also!

Good thing we hid the eggs while we did. 5 Minutes after we got inside, it was dumping and the ground was covered in snow again!
Yay Spring!


Operation: LTL Week 3

Another week down and I am so excited with my progress!

This morning the scale read 150.8!!! That’s 3 lbs gone! And less then a pound to go before I reach my first goal of being in the 140’s!

Starting weight: 155.4
Week 3 Loss: 3.0
Total Loss: 4.6

This week was great, the more I exercised the better I felt! I didn’t really exercise on my days off but I continued eating healthy.

This week I got on my exercise bike every work day!
Saturday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: 6 miles
Friday: 7.5 Miles!!!

My goals for this week are to do at least 4 miles on the bike every work day and to do at least 1-2 miles walking (with the video, it’s been snowing for a week and is a 70-80% of snowing every day for the next week!) on my days off!

My next Operation: LTL post will not come until May 2nd. Tomorrow is the last day of the ski season, thank goodness! So I will be switching to a Mon-Thurs schedule. Unfortunately I only get tomorrow off before I’m back on Monday but it shouldn’t be too bad.

Party Time!

Last Sunday Ella attended her first birthday party (other than her own). It was for her friend Reo and she had SUCH a good time playing with all the kids. At her party she wasn’t walking yet, but now she was running around with everyone.
After Reo was done opening his gifts she took an empty gift bag and started picking up the wrapping paper and putting it in there, too cute! Everyone loved that she wanted to help clean up! Hopefully that’s a sign of fun pictures of picking up Easter Eggs tomorrow. =)
I of course forgot my camera but received an e-mail of pictures from the party the very next day!

Things I don’t want to forget

Ella amazes me every day! We have really been working on her signing of please and thank you. She isn’t very good at thank you because she confuses it with blowing kisses, but she will say “Tan ku”, melt my heart! Please though, this kid is amazing! It usually takes a little prompting (“What do we say?”) and she will say “Pwease”  and her little hand goes up to her chest and she kind of signs it, she doesn’t have the perfect motion but she knows what she means.
Well, the other night at dinner she wanted to bring her sweater that she was not wearing in to the high chair with her. This was fine until she started dragging it through her plate (caserole, cottage cheese, and zucchini, made for a big mess) so we took it away and set it on the chair next to her. She threw a fit “No, no no!” cue the tears and screams. We told her she could have it back when she was finished eating. “No, no no!” more hysterical screams. And then, mid scream, she stops, her eyes light up, her hand goes to her chest “Pwease?!”
OMG, I couldn’t say no. Just after a couple days of talking about please and showing her the sign, she totally got it without prompting. I couldn’t say no to her. So, she got her sweater back and it happily sat next to her in her highchair until she was done. Love her!
Now, when you say, “Can (insert name here) have a kiss?” She gives the person in question, and then leans out to everyone around her to give the love to all.
Last night was the annual “Lifty Volleyball Game”, our poor maintenance team was out in the first round, but when we were leaving, Ella wanted to give high fives to all of the spectators, she’d just go from one to the next with her little hand out. Everyone loved it.
She is just the sweetest thing and amazes me every day.
Tomorrow I’ll be posting about the birthday party she went to this weekend for her buddy Reo, she had so much fun!

Operation: LTL Week 2

Let me just start by saying; I seem to be very consistent with my weight loss. Haha
Stepped on the scale this morning, 153.8.

Starting weight: 155.4
Week 2 Loss: .8
Total Loss: 1.6

This week was another hard one in some ways but getting much easier in others. As I said in my Zoo post, Brads Mom was in town this week so we did a lot of eating out. Some times I made good choices, other times not so much. I also didn’t work out on Sunday or Monday while she was here. Tuesday, I’m going to count lugging a 19 lb little girl around the Denver Zoo as my exercise.

Getting on my bike at work every day is so much easier already and I look forward to it every day!
Saturday: 4.00 miles
Sunday: Lazy day
Monday: Ran Errands
Wednesday: 4.13 Miles
Thursday: 2.15 Miles (The day I felt the worst from this stupid cough/cold)
Friday: 5.14 Miles

Not bad over all. I cannot wait for next Saturday to see the scale after a full week of eating right and working out. I am getting more determined every time I see the number go down and I love the burn that I get in my legs after a long ride.
Also, I did it! I ordered the jogging stroller/bike trailer that I have been wanting. Circumstances worked in my favor. We just refinanced our house and this was our month of skipping a mortgage payment, this also happens to be a 3 check payroll month. I was able to put my part of the mortgage in savings and get all my bills paid early, so I went for it! I cannot wait for it to get here because it should start warming up soon. I asked Brad if he would run with us and I got a “We’ll see.” So, I guess we’ll see. =)
Overall, a good week. Now just to keep eating right and making good decisions. Plus, I need to get in the habit of doing my video at home. Baby Steps. =)

A day at the Zoo

Brad’s mom was in town this past week and we had been planning to go to the Zoo. The day didn’t end up quite as sunny as it was supposed to be, but it was awesome none the less.
Ella was a little “attitude”-y during the day and either wanted to walk on her own, no hands to be held here, or she just wanted her Mommy.

Overall though, it was such a nice day, Ella LOVED all of the animals, and I think we all had a good time.

You might notice a few of the same animals in the next couple of pictures. That’s because out of ALL of the cool animals at the Zoo, Ella was obsessed with the. . . . . . .

Geese! Oh my goodness, she thought they were the coolest things! Crazy kid!
We got to see the baby orangutan, see it there hanging on to Mommy? (you can click on the picture to enlarge it)

And some Baby Marsupials.
We got to see the Gorillas.
Ella thought this Baboon was kind of cool, although not as awesome as some Geese.
It must have been Peacock mating season because we must have seen 6 males walking around all flared up. At least we got a picture out of it. =)

Ella loved the Arctic Fox, she kept waving at the one the would run around, “Hi Pup-pup!” It was so cute!
And, Ella has added the word fish to her vocabulary now. She started saying it at the Zoo, “Shish”, and yesterday when I went to pick her up from school, they had a new pet Shish that she made sure to point at and say, “Mom-mom, shish!” Love that kid!

A little bit of everything

The best word to describe this week. . . . . hectic!
The week was going smoothly (except for my laziness when it came to working out, more about that later) until Thursday morning. Sure, Ella had some bumps and bruises throughout the week (running is fun!). Thursday morning we woke up to a horrible, raspy cough. Poor kid was miserable, so I took off work and stayed home with Ella and we went to the Dr. in the afternoon. STRESSFUL! Not only is she working on all 4 molars at once, and boy did they like to comment on how painful her gums looked, she has an ear infection, and cough that they gave me handouts on Croup and RSV so I could be looking for all the signs. Oh, and the reassurance that this was going to get worse before it gets better! Thanks! So she is on a steroid to help her immune system combat everything like it should, and on amoxicillin for the ear infection. Blah!
In good news though, she is up to 18 lbs 14 oz which bumps her up from the 2.5% to the 5th %.
She’s with the babysitter now and I haven’t heard anything so she must be feeling okay.
Thanks to the illness I didn’t get to work out as much as I was hoping for. Sun-Tues was my bad, I was LAZY so I didn’t do my work out video at all. Wednesday I was getting back in to it and did 4 miles on the bike in my office, Thursday was home with Ella day and there was no working out going on. Yesterday, El was with me at work for half the day and the 2nd half I was busy getting my budget together for the department head. I did manage to get in a 1.25 mile ride on the bike though. I cheated with food on Thursday, not only did I get McDonalds for breakfast, but I had DONUT HOLES too!
When I stepped on the scale this morning I was SHOCKED, that I had lost 0.8 lbs! Not quite a full lb but with cheating on healthy eating AND not working out, I was ecstatic to see a loss. This week will be better!
Starting weight: 155.4
Week 1: -0.8 to 154.6
First goal: In to the 140’s

Tonight I leave work a little early and we are going to pick up my MIL from the airport for a weekend visit. The weather had better hold out and be nice this week! We want to head down to Denver to the Zoo on Tuesday before dropping her back at the airport. Come on 70’s! =)

*Operation: Lose The Lard*

Alright, I’m going to woman up and put it ALL out there, before I lose motivation.
When Brad and I met WAY back in June of 2001 I was a string bean of an 18 year old, weighing in at a whopping 120 lbs.
When we got married in October of 2006, I was 10 days away from turning 24 and weighed in at about 140 lbs.
When we went to our first Dr.’s appointment while pregnant with Ella in June of 2009; I weighed 155 lbs.
Now, today Ella turned 14 months old, and the old saying is “9 Months on, 9 Months off” Well, thanks to the stomach flu right before Thanksgiving, that held true for me, I lost 11 lbs in 12 hours and have now stayed at my pre-pregnancy weight of 155 ever since.
Anyone in the world Any normal girl knows that even though you can get back to the same weight, things don’t always end up looking like they did before the baby.
Therefore, I am initiating “Operation: Lose The Lard”, catchy, eh?
I am going to give full disclosure on my weight loss/toning journey and I need people to hold me accountable!
My tools:

Walk Slim, only $10 At Wal mart and comes with a resistance band.

 And my super ghetto eliptical machine which I had the guys move down to my office.
Water, trying to drink 90 oz a day, at the least!
Now, if you’re scared of pasty white chubbiness, I reccomend that you stop reading here, happy with the knowledge that I’m trying to get in shape. Otherwise, I did say full disclosure, so here are some “Before” pics, as well as measurements. Not for the faint of heart!

Now for measurements:
Bust: 38 1/2″
Waist: 34″
Stomach: 41 1/2″
Hips: 43 1/2″
Thigh (Singular): 24 1/4″
Upper Arm: 12″
Starting Weight on 4/2/11: 155.4 lbs
OUCH That hurt!!!
I’m going to set small weight loss goals for myself and give myself a little (non edible) treat when I reach it. Like, going to a movie, or a pedicure. Hopefully doing this in small doses will make it easier to succeed!
Plus, whenever we decide to go for baby #2, I will be in a routine and hopefully will not gain another 40 lbs during pregnancy!

My Plan of attack:
Wednesday-Saturday are my work days, so I plan to bike 2.5 – 3 miles a day while at work.
Saturday nights – Tuesdays, I plan on doing the full 4 mile workout on my Walk Slim DVD, AND on nice days Ella and I will be going for walks, long walks!
Brad and I spoke last summer about getting a jogging stroller so that walks up here would be more comfortable for Ella so that is still on our plate of something to think about.
Now, I will try to post updates on Saturday mornings, through April 23rd. Then the resort closes and my days of switch to Fri-Sun so I might post on either Mondays or Thursdays, I’m not sure yet. And I will take new pictures and measurements once a month, close to the 1st of the month depending on where the days fall!
Wish me luck and PLEASE leave any motivational words that you have! Anything that I left out, or any questions? Leave a comment and I will address it!

14 Months!

First of all, I have to say:


Yep, today is my Mom’s Birthday and I hope she is having an amazing day!

Also, as you can see from the title, Ella is 14 months old today! How does this happen so quickly?! She is so so smart and it seems like she learns a million new things every day!

Here’s all about a lot about Ella this month:

  • Not sure how much she weighs but she sure does seem heavier every time that I pick her up!
  • She is an amazing walker and even tries to run sometimes.
  • Her favorite pass times include (but are not limited to); removing all the DVD’s from the shelf, throwing anything and everything in the trash, sitting on her potty, trying to eat the dogs food, closing doors, and just plain being OUTSIDE! Too bad it’s still a little chilly here most of the time.
  • She is getting better with her signing and now will sign perfectly, Eat, More, and Milk.
  • We are working on signing: Please, Thank You, All Done, Tired, & Water.
  • The words she uses are Mama, Dada, pup pup (for our dogs), she’ll sometimes say Cody, up, ball, shoes, Nie Nie (night night), No, bye bye, sit (sounds like a bad 4 letter word), shirt.
  • She can tell you what a bear says and what a duck says.
  • She loves bath time but HATES having her hair rinsed out, if you get water on her face get ready for a meltdown.
  • She LOVES the water fountain though and would gladly sit at the grocery store and put her face in it all day.
  • Ella loves picking her own outfits (more photos below!)
  • She eats like you will never feed her again and drinks whole milk like nobodies business.
  • Ella still nurses about 4 times a day and if she misses a nursing session, watch out for another melt down.
  • She is down to 1 nap a day and refuses the 2nd one, but this has moved her bed time up to between 6:30 and 7:30 and then she sleeps straight through until 7-8 the next morning. It’s awesome when your toddler can sleep later than you. =)

I know that there are SO many more things that she is doing but I cannot think of them. Here are a couple of pictures from 2 different days this week when Ella picked out her own outfit.
She’s so springy and fun! This is last Sunday.

And here is Monday, look familiar? She just didn’t want a shirt or pants to ruin the ensemble.

Okay fine, I’ll put my skirt from yesterday on, if you insist that I have to wear something!!

Now Where’s my milk, Mama!?

Ella, sporting her super hero cape that I made her, she loves it! “Super E to the rescue!!”