Our day at the. . . . .

Zoo Children’s Museum.

Tuesday morning we all got up, dressed, and were heading down to Denver to spend the day at the Zoo in the forecasted Sunny with a high of 64 day.
We were first going to stop at our favorite breakfast place, Sharky’s. Well, it’s spring break so that didn’t happen. Holy overcrowd batman! So, we did a quick run by McDonalds (my fave, not!) and were on our way. It was a gorgeous day in the Valley so why wouldn’t that carry through? As we were getting closer and closer to Denver, we noticed just how very overcast it was, hit the temperature button on the old Subaru, only to see it was a very unappreciated 40 degrees outside.
Well, we were already down there, so as Ella napped soundly in the back seat we figured we’d drive around for a bit and figure out what we could do inside.
We settled on the Children’s Museum, great decision, Ella had a blast. We should have lied and said she was 11 months old The only bad part is at the Children’s museum they charge for 1 year olds! Insane! But, like I said, she had a blast.
Most of the first level is a large room for newborns-4 years of age, we spent most of our time here.
She was all over the place!

She wanted to read for a bit.

After that, she had some energy. So, she beat up on Daddy. . . . .

Then she was ready to move on and try other things, like this “Tree House”.

She then, did some boating.

And when we ventured upstairs, she really “got in to” the puppet area.

We checked out the train area. . . . . .

. . . . then went to do some “shopping”

We went next door to another play room, but not for long; some parents looked at this time as social hour and let their kids act like little monsters.

So we headed back downstairs and checked out the fire truck area

And then decided to spend the rest of our time in the newborn-4 year room.
Ella made a bee line for the “tree house”

She wanted to check out the newborn area while there were no babies there. . . . .

By this time, we had a worn out little girl and a dead camera battery, so it was time to head home.
But, not without a picture of Ella on the bull on the way out. =) Excuse the grainy photo, had to take this one with my phone.

We had an awesome day and will have to go again some time, because she had an amazing time!

*Sorry for the overkill of pictures, I couldn’t narrow it down, she had too much fun!*


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