What’s In a Name?

******Disclaimer: Grandma’s we are not yet planning a 2nd baby, so don’t have your hopes up by this post. Haha!******

Every once in a while Brad or I will throw out a name and it will be prefaced by “What do you think of the name ______ for a boy/girl” Every time we do this, the other person will immediately shoot down the name as they don’t like it. This is probably because we have COMPLETELY different taste in names. Ella was easy, I told him that was the name, no arguments accepted. He, in turn got to pick the middle name.
We had agreed on a boys name for if we were to find out we had been having a little boy rather then our princess, but now that name will not work as it would rhyme with his cousins name and neither of us wants that. Now, he has not thrown out a single boy name, he seems convinced that we will only have another daughter.
I on the other hand, LOVE the name Oliver for a little boy. Classic, but unfortunately becoming a little trendy it seems, doesn’t matter since Brad HATES it. Blah.
Now, with the problem for me being that it is becoming trendy, the only 2 girl names Brad has thrown out there, are in fact trendy. He throws out Lexi and Courtney (Courtney for reasons that I completely understand, respect, and admire, it’s just too common for me.) I throw out names such as Nora (Swoon! Love this name!), Alice, & Olivia. He does not like any of those either.
It will definitley be interesting when baby number dos is actually on the way. Ha!
What’s in a name, anyway?


5 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. How could anyone shoot down the name Alice??? ;)Actually, I went somewhere the other day and an older man asked me her name. When I said, "her name is Alice", he said, "huh. I see." Then, the tried to talked to her ("hi Alice!") and she started crying. The man then said, "Looks like she hates her name." Nice, right? Weird.

  2. Jason and I had a really hard time finding names we could both agree on. I tried Oliver, Emmett, Finnegan and Elliot. All of which were shot down very quickly. Finally he said "What about Jack?" and I loved it. All in all, I got one of my favorite names in there with Emmett.

  3. Chase shot down the name Alice too. Boo! And he wants to name our daughter Alexis… Not a bad name, but I'm not a fan. So we have this problem as well… but #2 isn't even a thought right now… I want to finish school!

  4. Well, at least you don't have a certain family member telling you that you can only name your kid starting with certain letters, and it can't be after anybody else in the family. (stupid Jewish family rules)

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