Pajama Fashion Show

In the past few weeks Ella has started bringing us sweaters and things that she wants to wear. It’s so cute that she has her “favorites” that she likes to wear more often then others. Well, on Tuesday we were having a pajama morning; Ella went back to her room so I followed and she started handing me articles of clothing, I tried taking her PJ’s off but she wanted these things put on OVER her jammies.
I now give you, the fashion of Ella!

Oh Yeah!

And now, here’s a photo from the prior day. Notice anything similar? Yeah, that sweater was a “favorite” this week.


Happy First Week Of Spring!

BLAH to you Mountain Spring Weather!
Here’s the view from my office window, where I usually see a couple of ski lifts and some runs. Today? Not so much!

Yeah, this picture was taken like, 2 minutes ago. Again, I say Blah! I am SO ready for summer weather!

So many nick names

Ever since Ella was born Brad has called her Squirrel, and I’ve called her Monkey.
Last Friday I went to pick her up from school and they were calling her Mardi Gras. Her new thing is to show you her belly, and by the end of the day on Friday, instead of holding up her shirt over her belly with one hand and patting it with the other, she was both hands on the shirt, shirt over the head, flashing everyone. Hence the nickname, Mardi Gras.

Well, I would like to now introduce you to


Bruiser! This is my daredevil child who will climb on, leap off, run in to everything! She’s always up for her next adventure and has the bumps and bruises to prove it! Haha, poor baby!

Our day at the. . . . .

Zoo Children’s Museum.

Tuesday morning we all got up, dressed, and were heading down to Denver to spend the day at the Zoo in the forecasted Sunny with a high of 64 day.
We were first going to stop at our favorite breakfast place, Sharky’s. Well, it’s spring break so that didn’t happen. Holy overcrowd batman! So, we did a quick run by McDonalds (my fave, not!) and were on our way. It was a gorgeous day in the Valley so why wouldn’t that carry through? As we were getting closer and closer to Denver, we noticed just how very overcast it was, hit the temperature button on the old Subaru, only to see it was a very unappreciated 40 degrees outside.
Well, we were already down there, so as Ella napped soundly in the back seat we figured we’d drive around for a bit and figure out what we could do inside.
We settled on the Children’s Museum, great decision, Ella had a blast. We should have lied and said she was 11 months old The only bad part is at the Children’s museum they charge for 1 year olds! Insane! But, like I said, she had a blast.
Most of the first level is a large room for newborns-4 years of age, we spent most of our time here.
She was all over the place!

She wanted to read for a bit.

After that, she had some energy. So, she beat up on Daddy. . . . .

Then she was ready to move on and try other things, like this “Tree House”.

She then, did some boating.

And when we ventured upstairs, she really “got in to” the puppet area.

We checked out the train area. . . . . .

. . . . then went to do some “shopping”

We went next door to another play room, but not for long; some parents looked at this time as social hour and let their kids act like little monsters.

So we headed back downstairs and checked out the fire truck area

And then decided to spend the rest of our time in the newborn-4 year room.
Ella made a bee line for the “tree house”

She wanted to check out the newborn area while there were no babies there. . . . .

By this time, we had a worn out little girl and a dead camera battery, so it was time to head home.
But, not without a picture of Ella on the bull on the way out. =) Excuse the grainy photo, had to take this one with my phone.

We had an awesome day and will have to go again some time, because she had an amazing time!

*Sorry for the overkill of pictures, I couldn’t narrow it down, she had too much fun!*

And now for fun!

Wow, a 3rd post in an hours time frame! LoL, the 2nd one, I just had to get off my chest, it was something I didn’t miss at all while it was gone. But now, to lighten the blog mood, some fun Ella pictures. =)

Hair do compliments of Dad.

Poor Cody!
What it looks like when Ella is trying to get things off of the end tables.
LOVE this face! This is what it looks like when she’s coming at you screeching/laughing!

And then came, the day I dreaded

Duhn, duhn, duuuuhhhnnnnn. . . . . . . . .
Oh yes, Tuesday was great, but for the most part I just have not been feeling myself lately. Tired, nausea, angry, moody, basically not a fun girl. Well, we had a good run, but after 22 1/2 months, my period has returned. BLAH!

I was wondering how long it would take to return after we cut down on breastfeeding, the answer, about 6 weeks.

Oh Happy Day!

On Tuesday evening Brad was trying to get Ella to sit down and watch a movie with him (he is kind of stressing out aout the whole walking full time thing!) As you can imagine, Ella wasn’t having any of it. It was back and forth, living room to kitchen, to bedroom, to our bedroom, back to living room, to computer room. You get the idea. Well, as I’m following her around she makes a move that differs from where she has been walking, she heads for the bathroom. I turned on the light for her and she walks right over to her little training potty and lifted the lid and just stared at me like “Come on woman!” I pulled her pants down and took her diaper off and sat her on the potty. She sat there for a couple of minutes and then reached up to me. I thought she’d had her fun and was bored with sitting there, nope, she had pee’d in the potty! Woo Hoo!
And here are some cute pics of the occasion.

Go Ella!

What’s In a Name?

******Disclaimer: Grandma’s we are not yet planning a 2nd baby, so don’t have your hopes up by this post. Haha!******

Every once in a while Brad or I will throw out a name and it will be prefaced by “What do you think of the name ______ for a boy/girl” Every time we do this, the other person will immediately shoot down the name as they don’t like it. This is probably because we have COMPLETELY different taste in names. Ella was easy, I told him that was the name, no arguments accepted. He, in turn got to pick the middle name.
We had agreed on a boys name for if we were to find out we had been having a little boy rather then our princess, but now that name will not work as it would rhyme with his cousins name and neither of us wants that. Now, he has not thrown out a single boy name, he seems convinced that we will only have another daughter.
I on the other hand, LOVE the name Oliver for a little boy. Classic, but unfortunately becoming a little trendy it seems, doesn’t matter since Brad HATES it. Blah.
Now, with the problem for me being that it is becoming trendy, the only 2 girl names Brad has thrown out there, are in fact trendy. He throws out Lexi and Courtney (Courtney for reasons that I completely understand, respect, and admire, it’s just too common for me.) I throw out names such as Nora (Swoon! Love this name!), Alice, & Olivia. He does not like any of those either.
It will definitley be interesting when baby number dos is actually on the way. Ha!
What’s in a name, anyway?

36 Hours

36 Hours is all it took for Ella to go from unsteadily walking further distances between Brad and I, to going anywhere she wants.

Diaper night with a twist!

We like to let Ella run around in her diaper every couple of nights, well last time, she wasn’t having it. =)

Woo Hoo! I love playing in my diaper!

“Hey Dad, nothing out of the ordinary, huh?”

“They aren’t looking! Time for freedom!”

“Ahhh, much better. Here ya go Dad, I’m done with this.”