A week of Firsts

This week was been a little rough. It started last Friday with the Parenting Fail! so those were Ella’s first injury and first blood. Boo!
Tuesday evening Ella felt warm, I took her temperature and she was running at 99.6. Some of you may laugh at this but for a kid that usually runs right around 97, I could tell, and this was warm for her. Later in the evening she hit 100 so I gave her some ibuprofen to help her sleep because she was not herself. The next day she was home with Brad and hit 100.8 before he gave her some medicine for it. Then yesterday morning, she hit 101.2 so we took her to the Dr. She was diagnosed with an ear infection. We caught it WAY early I guess so it’s good that we can read our little girl and know when something is wrong. We were able to get her on antibiotics before it hit the worst and could keep her pain away. But, these marked her first fever and her first ear infection.
The cold she has that lead to the ear infection was passed on to me, of course. So instead of blabbing away I’m just going to leave you with a lot of pictures from last weekend. =)
Here is Brad testing out Ella’s new chair.

And here’s how Ella felt about Daddy in her chair! Ha!

 Kasen “holding” Ella
 Trying out her new goggles.
 We call this the Slingblade Look!
 We talked on the phone.

 And then we rode our Zebra

 When Daddy got home from skiing, he was ready for a nap on the new Pillow Pet (thanks Mamaw!)
 So the little El Monkey wanted to join in
 Ahhhh. . . . . .


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