Random little Tidbits

I had this great post title in my mind, but it was a million miles long. Therefore, you’ll have to be happy with the title that I have given you. =)

So, to finally explain my greasy hair in the birthday party pictures; we had a frozen pipe, kind of. I went to take a shower a couple of hours before the party was supposed to start, SCALDING hot water came out. As soon as I tried to push the nozzle all the way over to cold, the water shut off. It was “Burn Your Skin Off” hot, or nothing. I chose nothing. Every other tap in the house worked perfectly fine, cold, hot, and even warm water came out. The only one that was a mystery, was of course, the only shower in the house. It took 2 days to trace where the pipe was frozen! In the wall, behind the shower wall, JUST above the subflooring. So we* borrowed a heat gun from work, got back in to the crawl space and thawed that sucker out. Finally able to take a shower!
*By we, I mean Brad fixed everything!

Ella went in this past Monday, the 7th (yes, Brad’s birthday!) for her 12 month shots. They started with her finger prick for her hemoglobin check and she did awesome. She got a weird look on her face but was more intrigued by the bright orange band aid that they were encasing her finger in. But then, when we laid her on the table and held her down, she knew what was up and was not happy. The first 2 shots, she did okay but she cried which broke my heart. For the 3rd shot, the nurse says “This one hurts the most”, of course and Ella screamed! My poor baby girl. I didn’t even wait for her to get the 2nd bandaid, I had Ella in my arms and nursing so fast. She was so good after that. She nursed for about 5 minutes and was ready to get those pants back on and get out the door! She passed out in the car and napped for about an hour and a half longer when we got home. Such a brave little girl!

Oh Happy Day! I haven’t pumped in a week! Woo Hoo! Ella took to Whole Milk amazingly well so we only diluted with breast milk for a couple of days. Ella is still nursing 3-4 times in a 24 hour period so I know she’s getting enough of everything that she needs. The whole milk had her super constipated up until just yesterday. Now she seems to be feeling so much better (well, until you throw in a busted lip! Grrrr!)

Something un-Ella related. On Wednesday morning I was taking my friend Jessica to the airport after a nice little visit with her. We were talking about Avalanches and how I have lived here for over 9 years and have never seen one. Well, Ella and I got Jessica dropped at the airport, ran our errands, and had gotten off of 70 and heading towards the pass when we saw a line of cars in front of us and 2 CDOT snowplows accross the road. I kept checking the CDOT website on my phone and didn’t see anything about highway 40 being closed. I went back one last time and saw a “Severe” link, I clicked on it and of course it said something to the effect that “Highway 40 – Berthoud Pass was closed intermittently for avalanche control.” I was frustrated because I just wanted to get home. I called Brad to complain and as I was talking to him I heard a little boom, then I heard 2 more. So I could hear them bombing. As I’m talking to Brad I see a helicoptor come from behind one of the peaks up towards this huge bowl, then I heard a huge BOOM and saw it, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. An avalanche. You could see where the bomb exploded, then you watched the fracture, and the slide. It was gorgeous! Luckily it didn’t make it all the way down to the road so we were able to start moving about 2 minutes after watching it.

Ella is doing so many fun new things! There are words that she has been saying for what seems like forever now like, Mama, Dada, Hi, & bye, but recently she’s been adding in new things. Cheese (with a big toothy grin!), Pup pup = Puppy, iss = kiss followed by the cutest little mouth you’ve seen coming at you, ease = please, “No, no, no” (we all know what that means!), kit = kitty. She is picking up words so quickly now!
When she is in the bath tub playing with all of her toys, if you say “Quack Quack” she stops what she is doing, gets her rubber duck, and hands it to you. If you ask her “Ella, where are your feet?” she will try to raise both feet out of the water to show to you. Her favorite thing to do in the bath tub is stand up! But, she’s very good and when you say “Sit on your Bottom” she does, for about 5 seconds. Haha.
Things she will respond to verbally are; Sit on Your Bottom, Can I have that please, and Come here. When you tell her “No thank you” (instead of just yelling no at your child!) she gives you the biggest grin because she knows she is busted. At dinner time, it doesn’t matter what you give her, she blows on it to cool it down. It’s so cute, mac and cheese, meats, veggies, I understand all those; but she also blows on her yogurt, her straw for her milk, so funny!
The most exciting thing that has happened recently, how many steps she can take now! If Brad and I are sitting about 5 feet apart, she will take 6-8 steps with no help from us going back and forth in between us. If she is holding on to one of us, or the couch, she will let go and walk to you. Of course on Wednesday night the camcorder battery was dead. So, I charged it all up after she went to bed ready to record her walking for you guys to see, she threw a FIT every time I got it out last night and would not walk when it was in the room. Hopefully tonight we can get her on camera!
If you have made it through this far, congrats! I will reward you with some blurry camera phone pics! Haha!
Here is Ella in a Colts Hat that my mom made her.

 And here she is playing with her Zebra. All she wanted to do this day was go back and forth between her slide and her Zebra, she LOVES them!


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