Parenting Fail

I had this wonderful post all written out in my head to tell everyone about all these great things that Ella is doing, and then this morning happened. I will write that happy post later today, but I can’t get my Mommy Fail off of my mind so this comes out first.
This morning, Ella woke up right as my alarm was going off and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I still had to get everything for both her and I ready for the day so I let her fuss for a little bit while i started to get her diapers ready. Well, the extra soakers weren’t dry yet so I started the dryer and went to get Ella. I nursed her for a few minutes and then set her down so that I could get our lunches ready. She was playing in the living room so I went to check on the diapers and as I opened the dryer (maybe 45 seconds had elapsed) I heard a big crash and then crying. I run in to the lving room, no Ella. I look into the kitchen and there she is, lying on the floor, cabinet door open, her face in the cabinet. I pick her up thinking it just scared her, I saw blood! I freaked out!All I could think was “OMG, she’d better be okay” and about how I was SO mad at Brad because I have been asking him for 2 months to put the cabinet locks on!
She absolutely had a busted bottom lip that was bleeding but wouldn’t let me see in her mouth. Brad came out and was holding her so I could get a washcloth to clean her up and some ice. She also hit her top gum as she was bleeding right around the tooth that is coming in. My poor baby! After we stopped prodding around in her mouth she seemed better. By this point I had her cleaned up, had put some neosporin on her lip, and given her some ibuprofen so that hopefully it wouldn’t hurt her during the day.
On our way to work she was back to her babbling self, and then as I was getting her “dressed” (it’s pajama day) to go to school she was doing fine but her lip kept opening back up and bleeding a bit. When we got to school she squealed with glee like usual when we opened the door, so I knew she was feeling okay. I put some vaseline on her lip so that it hopefully will not continue to open throughout the day, and the teachers know to call me if she needs anything or if it seems like it’s hurting her and she needs some more ibuprofen. I feel just miserable about this though!
This is the worst part of parenthood!


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