Ella’s Birthday; Part 2 of 2

Party Time!
*****Warning: This is also a heavy Photo Post! Beware of cuteness overload!!*****

While Ella was naping, Mommy was running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get everything ready to go. While things were cooking I decided I was going to take a shower, a very quick one, so I wouldn’t look absolutely gross for the party. **(As you will see from Pictures below, this didn’t work to my favor!)
Ella woke up from her nap about 10 minutes before he party was due to start so she was well rested. I got her dressed and just as we were ready to walk out of her bedroom, there was a knock on the door. Ella’s party had officially begun!
Here is Ella’s smash cake!

 And the guest cake!

Ella had such a blast playing with her little friends!

After we all had our dinner, it was time for the cake!

She was really unsure of it and didn’t really want anything to do with the cake. . . . . .

. . . . . .So, Daddy shoved it in her face!
She still wasn’t feeling it.

She kept reaching for our forks, so we gave her a fork.

After that it was game on!

Honestly, who’s 1 year old eats their smash cake with a fork!?
After cake it was time for gifts.

As you can see, this gift from Ning Ning was the perfect size to climb up and sit on.

She had a great birthday! She loved her cake, she loved seeing all of her friends, it was a great day!
After all of the guests had left we took some time to pose for pictures with Mommy and Daddy!

I didn’t really take any pictures of the decor, I made Pom Poms that were hung over the food table and then throughout our living room. And then here is a picture of the birthday banner that I made her:

That is a horrible picture thanks to the lighting and the flash, but trust me, it’s awesome! 😉

I hope you enjoyed our memories from Ella’s Birthday, it was such an amazing day and I cannot believe my little girl is 1!


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