Ella’s Birthday; Part 1 of 2

Birthday Morning!!!

*****Warning: Picture Heavy Post! Haha!!*****

Ella slept amazingly well leading in to her birthday. She woke up once at 1:30 to nurse and was right back asleep until 7:15 or so. She got up, nursed (as I said, we’re keeping the morning, bed time, and night time nursing sessions. She’s on whole milk during the day) and we got Daddy up and went out to open presents. We set her down in front of her new toy box:

Oh boy, was that cool or what! She made a couple of circles around it, checked out the stickers on the sides, and then, her eyes met the “Anywhere Chair” and it was love! I’ve never seen that kid move so fast!

As you can see, she then spotted the rest of her presents from Mommy and Daddy. Since she seems to completely get the idea of presents now, she sat on her throne chair and proceeded to open her gifts!

Oooh, Each Peach Pear Plum, Classic!

Ooooh, Baby Stella! She loves her new baby and hugs her ALL the time!

Last from us was a tent with a tunnel, it was a hit as you can see!
After all of the excitement of presents, it was time for breakfast.

Yum, Cheesy scrambled eggs and some whole milk! Breakfast fit for a Birthday Princess!
After that, she was so excited she had to give Cassidy some loving!

By this time, Ella was feeling kind of sleepy so she took her first nap as a 1 year old. After her nap we went and met with our Mortgage broker about our refinance (Ella, was loving everyminute of that! Not!) and then we went out to lunch. Ella had a Birthday Quesadilla and some rice, beans, and guace. She’s turning in to such a good eater!
We then went home, Ella took another nap and Mommy and Daddy got ready for the party! Which is part 2 which I will post shortly! So far we were having an AWESOME day!


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