Peanuts anyone?!

Because that’s what my little munchkin is!
Today was Ella’s 12 month check up, while we were pulling in to the pediatricians office Brad’s phone rang, it was them telling us “Woops, scheduling snafu. Since Ella is not 12 months old yet we cannot do her shots today!” Grrrr, seriously, 1 day makes that big of a difference. So we did her well check today and we have to take her in for her shots on Monday, and since they weren’t going to give her shots today she got away poke free and they’ll do her hemoglobin stick next week too. You hear that Jessica, it will be the best birth control ever because it is heart breaking!
Anyway, they said she is so far ahead of the curve developmentally. When they were trying to listen to her heart Ella kept saying “No, no no!” and pushing the Dr’s hands away. They thought that was hilarious! We got the go ahead to give her whole milk, with the possibility of switching to Pediasure at 15 months if she isn’t at least 20 lbs by then.
Her current stats are:
Weight: 17 lbs. 1 oz, 3rd%
Height: 28″, 18th%
Head: 18″, 70th%
She’s still gaining weight and growing fine so they aren’t worried about anything, just that she’s a peanut!
I will post again on Thursday after her Party!


3 thoughts on “Peanuts anyone?!

  1. wow she is a tiny lil thing! that is weird about her shots…logans well baby is on friday, 4 days before his bday, and they never said anything to use about having to wait until he was actually 1 year old…

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