Wait, an incident report for what?!

Yesterday afternoon when I went to pick up Ella from daycare I was told I needed to sign an incident report. Someone had bit her, again! My poor little munchkin! Last night, Brad had a talk with Ella and told her if anyone bit her, that she should bite back. I had to explain to him that isn’t how it works!
Today at lunch time I headed over like normal to nurse Ella at lunch time. One of the teachers told me that had to fill out another incident report, the first thing going through my head is “OMG, my baby actually bit back! Dangit Brad!” Well, not exactly. She continued with “We’ve never had this happen before.” Uh-oh! Still, not exactly uh-oh. Ella had been sitting with her friend Lulu at lunch time and they were sharing graham crackers, and goldfish, all kinds of things. Then Ella decided to share her sippy of milk, not just any milk, MY milk!
So, she didn’t bite back, she didn’t hit, pull hair, wasn’t agressive, she shared. Hahahaha! My kid was written up for sharing! Love it!


One thought on “Wait, an incident report for what?!

  1. I guess if she's being written up for sharing, she'll turn out alright :DWilliam bit my bestie's kid. She has to tell her son that if he put his fingers in other kids' mouths, they would bite lol.

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