Sneak Peek!

Here is a quick sneak peek at some fun things for Ella’s birthday party and a little update on top of that.
First up, a quick peek at her Birthday Girl Outfit!

 And then, her smash cake topper!

 And, her birthday girl bow!

Her Birthday outfit was made by: The Tutu Fairy
Her Cake Topper was Made By: Little Party Boutique
And her Headband was Made by: Princess Couture Designs
I have a few other things up my sleeves that I am working on this weekend that you will just have to wait and see!
As for my munchkin, she is awesome! I haven’t really updated much as she’s been doing things so I’ll try to date things accurately.
Right around new years, Ella took her first steps. This was done during the “walk between Mommy & Daddy” game. She got really good at taking 1-3 controlled steps before she would get WAY too excited and dive head first towards whichever parent she was walking towards. She kept this up while her and I were back home and did a couple of steps between Mommy & Mamaw. Now as we are rapidly approaching the 1 year mark, she is usually taking 3-4 very well controlled steps between us but is still a little scared to let go of furniture and walk on her own. We have to be playing the game. Brad talked her into letting go of the coffee table and taking a step towards me the other day, she then promptly freaked out and fell over.
About 3 weeks ago, she started leaning in for kisses when you said the word kiss. You would say it and her little face would shoot out towards you, but then she would wait for you to give her a kiss. Now just within the last few days she will lean in and open mouth kiss your cheek, complete with kissy sounds. And, if she’s really lucky, she’ll kiss you on the mouth and the is HILARIOUS! Just ask her, haha.
About 2 weeks ago she started saying CHEESE and smiling really big, it is ADORABLE when she does this. And now, any time we say cheese out comes the “Cheese Face” and her telling you cheese over and over again.
She has become so independent which elates me and breaks my heart all at the same time. She used to be SO clingy and you could not get a single thing done around the house, now she’s little miss independent and it’s still hard to get anything done around the house because you sit her somewhere and .000023 seconds later she’s eating dirt out of the plants. Not that this has ever happened to us. . . . . . . more than once.
Ella’s 12 Month Well check is Tuesday morning so I will be posting with her stats after that. Gulp, her 12 month stats! That is crazy!

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