To Bangs or Not to Bangs???

I am in a hair rut, and I have been in said rut since. . . . . . :::Gulp!::: 5th Grade! Oh yes! You read that right! 5th grade!
When I was in said grade, I decided I wanted my hair all one length, no more bangs for this girl, so I grew them out, which at the time seemed like it took FOREVER. Since then I’ve gone from the growing out stage, to the all the same length stage, and it evolved in to a layered look. And has stayed that way for YEARS! I am so curious to see what I would look like with bangs. I need a change. I know I don’t want to go short because I have a very round face and short hair makes it even more pronounced. I want to cut my hair a little bit, to just below shoulder length (ha! That’s like 5 inches gone!) but I really think I want to try bangs, a more bohemian look. Here are some of my favorite bangs that I’ve found.

Your opinions would be GREATLY appreciated!!


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