Breastfeeding, Extended Rear Facing, and. . . . . . .The Fever!

Just some random thoughts and things I’ve discussed with Brad recently that I want to get out of just my head and down on paper to remember.
Breastfeeding is going awesome. I thought that when Ella started Daycare and I had to start pumping during the day that my supply would tank. Thank goodness, I am still producing enough milk for Ella and still have a bit of a freezer stash built up. Thanks to those 2 facts, I am getting a little crazy, and we are going to continue nursing past the 1 year mark. Not exclusively anymore, Ella will have the option to nurse when she gets up in the morning, and at bed time until she weans herself. In the meantime I will continue pumping (that is the REALLY crazy part!) at work and we will mix that with Organic Whole milk to get her transitioned. If she doesn’t wean herself by around a year and a half, that’s when I will start the weaning process. It just so good for the baby (Toddler!) to continue breastfeeding for as long as possible, and I want to give her my best. I’m happy to say that at 11 Months Ella has only been breastfed, no formula. (I have NO problems with people who feed their children formula, it just feels like an accomplishment to have made it this far with the breastfeeding! I am all for FEEDING your child, no matter whether you choose formula or breast milk.)
Extended Rear Facing, I know this is also a controversial issue (2 in 1 post, OMG!) but I plan on keeping Ella rear facing in her car seat until she is at least 18 months, and then we’ll see what I think. Brad seems to be on board with this (at least, he didn’t argue when I told him this is what I wanted to do). Their little necks just aren’t strong enough yet to take the impact of a crash facing forward. My little girl is a peanut, and in the end, I want to do what I think is best for her, and this is the path I would like us to take. After she hits 18 months, I’ll see what I think, the Center for Child Development reccomends 2 years.
The Fever!
No, Ella isn’t sick. I’ve got the fever, Baby Fever! No, I’m not ready to jump on the pregnancy, 2 under 2 bandwagon. Every time I see a pregnant belly, I get a little twang of jealousy, or that amazing newborn smell. Lord help me! We aren’t ready yet, but the fever has kicked back in! Yikes!


6 thoughts on “Breastfeeding, Extended Rear Facing, and. . . . . . .The Fever!

  1. Thanks for following me from the very beginning. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love hearing of veteran followers!Be careful with that Baby Fever…it's scary stuff. lol Totally worth it, though, and no matter what you can always make 2 under 2 work.<3KC @ One + One = Four

  2. Oh and yay to another momma and the extended rear facing! We'll be going that route too. Aidie is super strong, but it still makes me nervous. I wish we could have gone the long enduring breastfeeding route too… such is life. Congrats.

  3. I hear you on the fever! Although we won't be ready to try again for another year again. I also will be refacing our carseat for as long as I can. Logan is also a tiny dude and we want to keep him the safest!

  4. I'm with you on all counts…nursing, rear facing, and baby fever. Well, I don't think I have true "baby fever", yet. More like "I really like smoochy newborns." ๐Ÿ™‚

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