Well. . . . .

What an interesting way to send off 2010. We went over to our friend Darren and Alicia’s for dinner and to hang out for a bit. At about 8 it was time to get Ella to bed, so we walked home, only to find our house FULL of smoke! I was scared to death, I thought our house was on fire. Turns out, Brad had started a fire in the wood stove before we left, and when he had emptied the ash catcher prior to starting said fire, he put it back in but did not secure it. So, for the whole 2 1/2 hours we were at the neighbors, smoke was billowing in to our house. I’m SO glad there wasn’t a house fire because the smoke alarm wasn’t even going off! Now we need to have those checked out, we just replaced batteries and tested them last month! Brad was up in the attic making sure there was no fire. I had us locked in Ella’s room with a towel across the door to keep smoke out, ready to climb out the window with her if Brad said Fire. So, our house smells like smoke and it was freezing all last night from where we had our doors open for 1/2 an hour to clear out the smoke! I’m done with fires for a while. Well, that was my excitement for the night, after I got Ella down I read and went to bed, happy new year to me. LoL
Here are some pictures from our last night of 2010:

Ella, giving her good buddy Kasen a little pat on the back.

LOVE her with pigtails!

Brad riding Kasen’s Scooter

Kasen going for a little cruise of his own.


Getting ready to head home and discover it smoke filled. Ah, Memories! =)


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