Wait, an incident report for what?!

Yesterday afternoon when I went to pick up Ella from daycare I was told I needed to sign an incident report. Someone had bit her, again! My poor little munchkin! Last night, Brad had a talk with Ella and told her if anyone bit her, that she should bite back. I had to explain to him that isn’t how it works!
Today at lunch time I headed over like normal to nurse Ella at lunch time. One of the teachers told me that had to fill out another incident report, the first thing going through my head is “OMG, my baby actually bit back! Dangit Brad!” Well, not exactly. She continued with “We’ve never had this happen before.” Uh-oh! Still, not exactly uh-oh. Ella had been sitting with her friend Lulu at lunch time and they were sharing graham crackers, and goldfish, all kinds of things. Then Ella decided to share her sippy of milk, not just any milk, MY milk!
So, she didn’t bite back, she didn’t hit, pull hair, wasn’t agressive, she shared. Hahahaha! My kid was written up for sharing! Love it!


Sneak Peek!

Here is a quick sneak peek at some fun things for Ella’s birthday party and a little update on top of that.
First up, a quick peek at her Birthday Girl Outfit!

 And then, her smash cake topper!

 And, her birthday girl bow!

Her Birthday outfit was made by: The Tutu Fairy
Her Cake Topper was Made By: Little Party Boutique
And her Headband was Made by: Princess Couture Designs
I have a few other things up my sleeves that I am working on this weekend that you will just have to wait and see!
As for my munchkin, she is awesome! I haven’t really updated much as she’s been doing things so I’ll try to date things accurately.
Right around new years, Ella took her first steps. This was done during the “walk between Mommy & Daddy” game. She got really good at taking 1-3 controlled steps before she would get WAY too excited and dive head first towards whichever parent she was walking towards. She kept this up while her and I were back home and did a couple of steps between Mommy & Mamaw. Now as we are rapidly approaching the 1 year mark, she is usually taking 3-4 very well controlled steps between us but is still a little scared to let go of furniture and walk on her own. We have to be playing the game. Brad talked her into letting go of the coffee table and taking a step towards me the other day, she then promptly freaked out and fell over.
About 3 weeks ago, she started leaning in for kisses when you said the word kiss. You would say it and her little face would shoot out towards you, but then she would wait for you to give her a kiss. Now just within the last few days she will lean in and open mouth kiss your cheek, complete with kissy sounds. And, if she’s really lucky, she’ll kiss you on the mouth and the is HILARIOUS! Just ask her, haha.
About 2 weeks ago she started saying CHEESE and smiling really big, it is ADORABLE when she does this. And now, any time we say cheese out comes the “Cheese Face” and her telling you cheese over and over again.
She has become so independent which elates me and breaks my heart all at the same time. She used to be SO clingy and you could not get a single thing done around the house, now she’s little miss independent and it’s still hard to get anything done around the house because you sit her somewhere and .000023 seconds later she’s eating dirt out of the plants. Not that this has ever happened to us. . . . . . . more than once.
Ella’s 12 Month Well check is Tuesday morning so I will be posting with her stats after that. Gulp, her 12 month stats! That is crazy!

To Bangs or Not to Bangs???

I am in a hair rut, and I have been in said rut since. . . . . . :::Gulp!::: 5th Grade! Oh yes! You read that right! 5th grade!
When I was in said grade, I decided I wanted my hair all one length, no more bangs for this girl, so I grew them out, which at the time seemed like it took FOREVER. Since then I’ve gone from the growing out stage, to the all the same length stage, and it evolved in to a layered look. And has stayed that way for YEARS! I am so curious to see what I would look like with bangs. I need a change. I know I don’t want to go short because I have a very round face and short hair makes it even more pronounced. I want to cut my hair a little bit, to just below shoulder length (ha! That’s like 5 inches gone!) but I really think I want to try bangs, a more bohemian look. Here are some of my favorite bangs that I’ve found.

Your opinions would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Too cute!

So, today is Saturday so Ella is over at Alicia’s house. She has sent me a couple of pictures today that I had to share!

Ella and Kasen had Spaghetti for lunch:
 And that wore them out so much that they needed to take a nap!
How stinking cute! 

Let’s Party!

Wow, I really did mean to do a post yesterday, but with everything that has been going on I have literally worried myself sick. I have a sinus infection and it stinks! I didn’t sleep at all last night, and Ella slept through the night (which was AMAZING since she also is congested!).
Anyway, enough with the excuses, on to the fun we’ve been having the past couple of weeks!
On Friday January 7th Ella and I flew back to Indiana for my Grandama’s 90th birthday party! El did AMAZING on the flight as usual. She has always done well (this is her 5th round trip flight!) but now that she’s a little older she really is just amazed by everything on the planes. She spent half the flight pointing to everything in sight and then passed out.
Saturday was the actual party and we had a blast, I must say I am jealous because I have NEVER had the turn out at one of my parties that GG did for her Birthday party! We got to see so many people that we haven’t seen in forever, it was an amazing day.

My Aunt Kathy made these Amzing cakes!

Ella with her cousins Devon and Jacob, and little Aiden’s cute tush!

Ella with her GG!

Ella eating dinner in her Tie-Chair, best.invention.ever!

Get her Faythe!
While we were at home, on the morning of GG’s party I was laying on my mom’s bed with my mom and I was curled around Ella, she turned around and looked at me with a little smile and just said “Mama” and gave me the biggest smile, my heart MELTED. I love that child more then I ever know I could love anyone!
The flight back on Tuesday, Ella also did amazingly well. We watched some movies on her DVD player and read some books and she took a little cat nap. Boy was she excited to see her Daddy when we got back!
Ella is now ALL about feeding herslef with a spoon! It’s messy but so much fun!

Please excuse the lovely stains on her highchair cover, I told you it was messy!
A party that I didn’t get to attend (VERY unfortunately!) was my youngest sister Sara, she turned 21 yesterday and I had to miss it! I love her so much and I wish I could have been there, but I can always take her out to a bar next time I’m home! I’m sure Faythe took good care of her!
And Ever since we’ve gotten back, this Mama has been in full out party planning mode! I cannot believe that my little Monkey will be 1 in a week and a half! OMG! I don’t know how time went so quickly, how is it that the pregnancy drags on while you’re wanting to meet your little one so badyly, and once they’re here it goes on warp speed when you just want to keep them little a tiny bit longer?!
Anyway, Ella’s birthday party theme is Owls, here is a sneak preview of her invite!

I LOVE IT!!! I wish my Aunt Kathy lived closer because I know she would come up with an AMAZING cake! But, I have a few ideas up my sleeve that will just have to work out. I’ve been working up a couple of sample cakes with a few different buttercream recipes this past week to see what I like. I’m getting supplies this week to make her a birthday banner, I’m excited, this will be the first time I’m using my Cricket machine! It’s for an amazing cause if I do say so myself! We’re just having a small party with a few of her little friends and some of our friends who we love and are like family to us out here. I cannot wait for her big day!
Alright, enough rambling. I promise to update more often, I feel like I’m alwasy saying that, but I do. I’m a slacker, LoL!
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!
And a quick update on my friend that lost his daughter. I went over there on Thursday night and they are doing as well as can be expected. I’m so glad I went over as I feel like I let my friend get some feelings out that he wasn’t really ready to share with some of the other people there. Her memorial is this Tuesday which I know will be a rough day, but I feel like as soon as the memorial has come and gone they will be able to start the healing process. Thank you everyone for your prayers for this amazing family!


I had a post all set to go about Ella yesterday but that got pushed to the backburner, I will post that tomorrow.
When I moved out here 9 1/2 years ago, I worked for one of the nicest men you will ever meet. He was a good boss, great friend, great person. His wife is amazing, so nice, and his two daughters, the sweetest, happiest girls.
Tuesday night, his younger daughter took her own life, and he was the one to walk in and find his own daughter no longer of this world. This act has shaken our small community to the core. Please, please, PLEASE, join in me in praying for peace and healing for this family.


Today, my amazing Grandmother turns 90 years old! While I am currently stuck at work, at a ski resort in Colorado, in just a couple of hours I will be picking up Ella and we will be flying to Indiana to be there for her party tomorrow! Please pray for safe Travels for Ella and myself and an awesome day for her party tomorrow!
Happy Birthday Grandma, I love you!

Breastfeeding, Extended Rear Facing, and. . . . . . .The Fever!

Just some random thoughts and things I’ve discussed with Brad recently that I want to get out of just my head and down on paper to remember.
Breastfeeding is going awesome. I thought that when Ella started Daycare and I had to start pumping during the day that my supply would tank. Thank goodness, I am still producing enough milk for Ella and still have a bit of a freezer stash built up. Thanks to those 2 facts, I am getting a little crazy, and we are going to continue nursing past the 1 year mark. Not exclusively anymore, Ella will have the option to nurse when she gets up in the morning, and at bed time until she weans herself. In the meantime I will continue pumping (that is the REALLY crazy part!) at work and we will mix that with Organic Whole milk to get her transitioned. If she doesn’t wean herself by around a year and a half, that’s when I will start the weaning process. It just so good for the baby (Toddler!) to continue breastfeeding for as long as possible, and I want to give her my best. I’m happy to say that at 11 Months Ella has only been breastfed, no formula. (I have NO problems with people who feed their children formula, it just feels like an accomplishment to have made it this far with the breastfeeding! I am all for FEEDING your child, no matter whether you choose formula or breast milk.)
Extended Rear Facing, I know this is also a controversial issue (2 in 1 post, OMG!) but I plan on keeping Ella rear facing in her car seat until she is at least 18 months, and then we’ll see what I think. Brad seems to be on board with this (at least, he didn’t argue when I told him this is what I wanted to do). Their little necks just aren’t strong enough yet to take the impact of a crash facing forward. My little girl is a peanut, and in the end, I want to do what I think is best for her, and this is the path I would like us to take. After she hits 18 months, I’ll see what I think, the Center for Child Development reccomends 2 years.
The Fever!
No, Ella isn’t sick. I’ve got the fever, Baby Fever! No, I’m not ready to jump on the pregnancy, 2 under 2 bandwagon. Every time I see a pregnant belly, I get a little twang of jealousy, or that amazing newborn smell. Lord help me! We aren’t ready yet, but the fever has kicked back in! Yikes!