Random, Random, Resolutions

1 year ago today, I was placed on bed rest. I was so upset, I was hoping that I went back to my midwife 4 days later that my blood pressure would be down and I would be able to go back to work. I cried as I drove the rest of the way to Denver to meet up with Brad, Darren, & Alicia for my last “Free” breakfast. We spent most of the rest of the day running last minute errands and getting everything that I felt that I “needed” to be baby ready.

2010 – Super Speedy Recap

January –
   Spent the whole month on modified bed rest, the most boring month of my life!

February –
    Most AMAZING month of my life. February 1st, the day after my due date, I went in to labor on my own. February 2nd I met the most amazing little human being that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, this month went by so quickly!

March –
    Still getting used to having a newborn, but we were getting the hang of it.

April –
     Best month of sleep that I had all year, Ella consistently slept through the night! Tragically lost my Aunt Rhea Dawn on Easter morning, completely unexpected.

May –
    My first Mother’s Day, Brian and Kati’s Wedding, Faythe & Jared’s Wedding, spent the whole month back home in Indiana.

June – 
   Teething kicked out butts but we had no teeth to show for it!

July –
    Nothing too noteable except just getting to know our baby girl!

August –
    Ella turned half a year old! I was shocked at how quickly THAT went.

September –
   Lots of 1sts (wow, that looks weird!) Ella went to her 1st concert, Willie Nelson. Went to the zoo for the 1st time, and cut her 1st tooth!

October –
    Tooth #2 made it’s appearance, we took a trip home to Indiana as a family and took Ella to the Pumpkin Patch (she LOVES pumpkins, coolest thing ever, just ask her!). Ella was THE cutest Pebbles EVER for her 1st Halloween.

November –
    Ella started “School” which broke my heart, and hers too for a while. We celebrated her first Thanksgiving and just had a blast, and this is the month that Ella started crawling and got her 3rd tooth!

December –
   Less then 2 weeks after the crawling started she was cruising, pulling up on everything and walking around all of the furniture. She will definitely be walking on her own before a year. We celebrated Ella’s first Christmas where she made out like a bandit, and now we have teeth #’s 4 and 5.

Goodbye 2010, I cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!
On Sunday, oh yes, this coming Sunday January 2nd, Ella will be 11 months old! Yikes! We only have 4 1/2 weeks until my baby is no longer a “Baby” but she’ll be an official Toddler! Insane!

What are my New Years Resolutions?
My #1 resolution is to pay down my Credit Card debt as much as possible.
I would like to spend MUCH less on frivolous purchases to be able to pay down the above mentioned debt and put money towards savings.
I want to eat healthier, I’m not saying I’m never going to cheat and eat fast food or a Frisco Melt when back in Indiana, but I want to set healthier examples for Ella.
I want to get in shape, not lose weight (although I wouldn’t mind that) but get in shape. I want the “pooch” to shrink!

What are your resolutions?


One thought on “Random, Random, Resolutions

  1. oh my I just caught up on several posts. Happy New Year! Ella's pig tails are adorable! I am so glad there was no actual fire in your house! How scary!! That is one of my biggest fears. Logan is cruising all over too so maybe they will both be walking really soon! Have a great day!

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