Christmas Traditions

Growing up, my Mom made Christmas amazing for us every year, I cannot wait to pass some things down to my Children.
As I’ve stated before, we won’t be celebrating Christmas this year until Monday. Since Brad has to work on Sunday Ella and I will be heading down to Evergreen to go shopping and get some more wrapping paper. Special Wrapping Paper.
Why? When we were younger my mom would always have our gifts from Santa wrapped in a different paper, I want to do that with Ella and any future Children.
Leading up to Christmas we would always celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. On the night of the 5th we would always leave our shoes outside our bedroom door. In the morning we would always have a small gift from St. Nicholas in our shoe. When we got older it was always an ornament left there so we would have them for our trees when we moved out and had our own.
When we got older, on Christmas morning we would have our gifts under the tree, except for the “big” gift. My mom would write us out a card that would start a scavenger hunt with clues left all over the house to find your gift. I remember it was always a race as to who could find theirs first. That was SO much fun.
When we were done opening gifts and it was time for lunch, my Mom would always buy us the Glass “Santa Bottles” of coke. We would take a little sip and then pour in some Grenadine to make our own Cherry Cokes.
Another one was opening one small gift on Christmas eve, it pumped up the excitement even more for the next day. Who wants to stop at one gift? Haha
Some things that I would also like to turn in to annual traditions with Ella are, advents.
I saw the greatest idea on another blog. Wrap up 24 books/Christmas books and use that as your adcent. You open one book every night through Christmas Eve. Love it! I hope Ella loves reading as much as I do, so far she absolutely LOVES books.
Another cute idea I saw was, leaving cookies out for Santa (DUH!) but leaving carrots out for the Reindeer. Someone told her little girl that all the Reindeer love carrots, except for Blitzen, “He spits them out in the driveway” Now all this little girl can talk about is how Blitzen won’t eat them and she’ll have to pick them up out of the driveway the next day. I can just see myself outside throwing carrots in the driveway! I cannot wait to share all of these things with my family!
What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions?


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