Christmas Randomness, and lots of Thankfulness!

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas got here this year, I mean, I JUST had a baby, like yesterday.
We have been so blessed this Christmas by our friends and family (wait until you see pictures of the tree, before santa!) I have the most amazing little girl who makes me smile and my heart swell every day. It has just been such an amazing year for us.
As I mentioned yesterday, Ella wants to walk, badly! She is a girl on the move and not much gets in her way. She likes to just randomly let go of you and stand there on her own, she gets a big kick out of that.
Last night she decided she wanted to help me unload the dishwasher, and eat the things she took out:

Here is our tree that you can barely see thanks to everyone’s generosity!

And on the tree are some beautiful new ornaments that arrived in a box from my Mom yesterday!:

Ella is still amazed by the tree and by the brightly colored gifts underneath it. She has started to shake gifts and still like to pat them. My friend Jessica sent us a box yesterday and in it were som cookies and a little gift with some ribbon tied around it. That is Ella’s new favorite gift to shake (Jess, I hope it isn’t breakable!):

This year I bought some new Christmas decorations (I was severely lacking in the Decor department!) but my favorite decoration just came yesterday from my Mom as well, she made this for me and I LOVE it!:

Elf clothes! She sent this with a little note about This Christmas Elf wanted to be aready to help Santa on Christmas Eve so he has his best outfit washed and out to dry so he’ll be ready. I love it so much! Thank you Mom!
Now, after this whirlwind of a post (Don’t worry I have another one all ready to go in a little be, no pictures in that one though!) I am going to let you all get back to your families and I will get back to work!


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