Slow down!

For now, I just want to get some things documented, so this post will be in bullet form. I plan on taking some pictures tonight to post about tomorrow.

  • Yesterday, we lowered Ella’s crib to the lowest setting!
  • For the past couple of weeks Ella has been pulling up on everything.
  • She is a cruising fool, she’ll pull up on the coffee table , go from the table to the couch, couch to chair, chair back to coffee table. This kid wants to walk!
  • Sunday was a rough day for Ella, in her need to walk alone she also took some diggers alone. Poor thing.
  • It’s so funny how she goes from laying to sitting, she will roll on to her tummy, do a mini headstand, and then plop down on her butt. She then looks very proud of herself.
  • One of her favorite new tricks is “scaling” the wall going from window to window.

This kid wants to be mobile so badly! She is so persistent, it will be soon!


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