Tonight was bath night. . . . .

This is one of Ella’s favorite bath toys:

Just a little plastic fish, but she loves it. Loves it so much that usually she’ll hold on to it throughout the rest of her bedtime routine. Well, tonight was no different. We got her jammies on her, put on some baby orajel (oh yes, tooth #5 is coming before tooth #4 was even done with it’s turn!), and went to Brush her hair. When Brad picked her up so I could brush her hair he started laughing. “Feel this” he says, so I poke at a little bump on her leg and start cracking up. Ella had put her fish in the leg of her pajamas just before we zipped her up. She wanted to bring him to bed. Hahahaha. Love that kid!
And now, just for fun, some pictures of my cutie!
Here she is taking a break from pulling her toys EVERYWHERE, to read a magazine. =)

 Love the lone noodle stuck to her chest! Haha!
 And, checking the boxes and making sure they really are empty before I break them down. =)


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