I have a monster in my house!

One that refuses to sleep!
For the past 2 weeks, Ella has been cutting tooth #4.
For the past 2 weeks, neither Ella or Mommy have been getting more then 2 hour stretches of sleep at a time. At least the past couple of weeks we were able to continue this pattern until around 7 on our days off, and on work days we would wake her up to get ready for Daycare. Not the last 2 days. Yesterday morning, we were up, for good, at 3:30 A.M. This morning we got to sleep in until a whopping 4:30 A.M. If we keep going like this, I’m going to die. I am seriously reconsidering sleep training. The poor thing will wake up screaming in pain from this stinking tooth, I’ll go in there, she’ll nurse for about 10 seconds before she’s asleep again, but then when I try to lay her down, she screams some more. It’s so horrible, tylenol take the edge off for the first 2 hour stretch but then it seems like nothing will help. My poor little baby.
In happier news, she has started kind of crawling. She looks like a baby Gorilla, haha! She puts both hands down in front of her, from sitting, and then “steps” one foot and drags the other. It’s so cute and she’s starting to really move. This led directly to wanting to pull up on everything, although she’s much better at pushing up on things then pulling up on things, but does both. But now she’ll hold on to things and not yet cruise, but take steps around the furniture. She just wants to go straight to walking.
She is getting very good at mimicking everything that we say, sounds, intonation, everything. So, we need to be more careful at what we say and everyone around us. Her favorite things to say are Da Da, Hi Puppy, Hello, Baby, and Ella. She will ocassionally throw out the random Mama as well as a few other words and she has the most adorable speaking voice. Her favorite Daycare Teachers are Erika and Bethany which makes me happy that now if one of those 2 are there in the morning, she doesn’t cry when I try to leave.
I am so looking forward to Ella’s First Christmas, which for us will be December 27th. She loves helping me wrap the presents and will go over and pat them while they’re under the tree. Most of the things that I ordered online have been showing up ready to be wrapped now. I cannot wait to play Santa even though Ella has no clue about any of this crazy stuff yet. We are heading down to Denver on Monday or Tuesday to buy some gifts for an Angel Child that we are sponsoring. Brad picked the child all on his own and he was very excited to do this this year. He seems much more excited for Christmas, period, this year. I told him he would. My Scrooge is coming around!
Well, I’m going to get back to work on Ella’s stocking (lord help me!). But I will leave you with some pictures of my awesome little monster girl. =)

Here she is before we headed out to the tree lighting ceremony at the Resort. I love the Gingerbread top and flannel lined jeans! So cute!


She loves her puppies!

 These are her two (yes two!) Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments. The one above I got at a craft fair this winter and it seemed perfect. The one below I found on Etsy and loved so I had to get her two. Haha

 And, here she is patting the presents. =)


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