Random, Random, Resolutions

1 year ago today, I was placed on bed rest. I was so upset, I was hoping that I went back to my midwife 4 days later that my blood pressure would be down and I would be able to go back to work. I cried as I drove the rest of the way to Denver to meet up with Brad, Darren, & Alicia for my last “Free” breakfast. We spent most of the rest of the day running last minute errands and getting everything that I felt that I “needed” to be baby ready.

2010 – Super Speedy Recap

January –
   Spent the whole month on modified bed rest, the most boring month of my life!

February –
    Most AMAZING month of my life. February 1st, the day after my due date, I went in to labor on my own. February 2nd I met the most amazing little human being that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, this month went by so quickly!

March –
    Still getting used to having a newborn, but we were getting the hang of it.

April –
     Best month of sleep that I had all year, Ella consistently slept through the night! Tragically lost my Aunt Rhea Dawn on Easter morning, completely unexpected.

May –
    My first Mother’s Day, Brian and Kati’s Wedding, Faythe & Jared’s Wedding, spent the whole month back home in Indiana.

June – 
   Teething kicked out butts but we had no teeth to show for it!

July –
    Nothing too noteable except just getting to know our baby girl!

August –
    Ella turned half a year old! I was shocked at how quickly THAT went.

September –
   Lots of 1sts (wow, that looks weird!) Ella went to her 1st concert, Willie Nelson. Went to the zoo for the 1st time, and cut her 1st tooth!

October –
    Tooth #2 made it’s appearance, we took a trip home to Indiana as a family and took Ella to the Pumpkin Patch (she LOVES pumpkins, coolest thing ever, just ask her!). Ella was THE cutest Pebbles EVER for her 1st Halloween.

November –
    Ella started “School” which broke my heart, and hers too for a while. We celebrated her first Thanksgiving and just had a blast, and this is the month that Ella started crawling and got her 3rd tooth!

December –
   Less then 2 weeks after the crawling started she was cruising, pulling up on everything and walking around all of the furniture. She will definitely be walking on her own before a year. We celebrated Ella’s first Christmas where she made out like a bandit, and now we have teeth #’s 4 and 5.

Goodbye 2010, I cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!
On Sunday, oh yes, this coming Sunday January 2nd, Ella will be 11 months old! Yikes! We only have 4 1/2 weeks until my baby is no longer a “Baby” but she’ll be an official Toddler! Insane!

What are my New Years Resolutions?
My #1 resolution is to pay down my Credit Card debt as much as possible.
I would like to spend MUCH less on frivolous purchases to be able to pay down the above mentioned debt and put money towards savings.
I want to eat healthier, I’m not saying I’m never going to cheat and eat fast food or a Frisco Melt when back in Indiana, but I want to set healthier examples for Ella.
I want to get in shape, not lose weight (although I wouldn’t mind that) but get in shape. I want the “pooch” to shrink!

What are your resolutions?



We are in for it; on Monday, Ella started saying and using correctly the word “No”.
When she is full, not only does she shake her head no, but she says no.
When you reach for her and she isn’t ready to get out of the bathtub, you’re told No.
If she has a toy and hands it towards you, if she doesn’t really want you to have it, she’ll take it back and say, No.
Oh my goodness, we are in trouble.

Ella’s First Christmas

Yesterday morning was Ella’s First Christmas. She was excited when she saw all of the new additions under the tree. Here are some TONS OF photos from Christmas.

Loved her stocking.

Showing Daddy some of the new books that Santa brought her.

Checking out the ornament that Jessica made her (not Broken! Haha!)

Checking out some of her loot?
Well, and sharing with Lucy!

She LOVED the wagon!
So we all got dressed.

And went for a walk in our new Wagon!

Then we came home and played some more.

Now today we’re hanging out in the wagon, watching our new Baby Einsteins DVD.

And chewing on our grinch puppies nose.
If our internet will cooperate later, I’ll try and load some video also.

Christmas Traditions

Growing up, my Mom made Christmas amazing for us every year, I cannot wait to pass some things down to my Children.
As I’ve stated before, we won’t be celebrating Christmas this year until Monday. Since Brad has to work on Sunday Ella and I will be heading down to Evergreen to go shopping and get some more wrapping paper. Special Wrapping Paper.
Why? When we were younger my mom would always have our gifts from Santa wrapped in a different paper, I want to do that with Ella and any future Children.
Leading up to Christmas we would always celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. On the night of the 5th we would always leave our shoes outside our bedroom door. In the morning we would always have a small gift from St. Nicholas in our shoe. When we got older it was always an ornament left there so we would have them for our trees when we moved out and had our own.
When we got older, on Christmas morning we would have our gifts under the tree, except for the “big” gift. My mom would write us out a card that would start a scavenger hunt with clues left all over the house to find your gift. I remember it was always a race as to who could find theirs first. That was SO much fun.
When we were done opening gifts and it was time for lunch, my Mom would always buy us the Glass “Santa Bottles” of coke. We would take a little sip and then pour in some Grenadine to make our own Cherry Cokes.
Another one was opening one small gift on Christmas eve, it pumped up the excitement even more for the next day. Who wants to stop at one gift? Haha
Some things that I would also like to turn in to annual traditions with Ella are, advents.
I saw the greatest idea on another blog. Wrap up 24 books/Christmas books and use that as your adcent. You open one book every night through Christmas Eve. Love it! I hope Ella loves reading as much as I do, so far she absolutely LOVES books.
Another cute idea I saw was, leaving cookies out for Santa (DUH!) but leaving carrots out for the Reindeer. Someone told her little girl that all the Reindeer love carrots, except for Blitzen, “He spits them out in the driveway” Now all this little girl can talk about is how Blitzen won’t eat them and she’ll have to pick them up out of the driveway the next day. I can just see myself outside throwing carrots in the driveway! I cannot wait to share all of these things with my family!
What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions?

Christmas Randomness, and lots of Thankfulness!

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas got here this year, I mean, I JUST had a baby, like yesterday.
We have been so blessed this Christmas by our friends and family (wait until you see pictures of the tree, before santa!) I have the most amazing little girl who makes me smile and my heart swell every day. It has just been such an amazing year for us.
As I mentioned yesterday, Ella wants to walk, badly! She is a girl on the move and not much gets in her way. She likes to just randomly let go of you and stand there on her own, she gets a big kick out of that.
Last night she decided she wanted to help me unload the dishwasher, and eat the things she took out:

Here is our tree that you can barely see thanks to everyone’s generosity!

And on the tree are some beautiful new ornaments that arrived in a box from my Mom yesterday!:

Ella is still amazed by the tree and by the brightly colored gifts underneath it. She has started to shake gifts and still like to pat them. My friend Jessica sent us a box yesterday and in it were som cookies and a little gift with some ribbon tied around it. That is Ella’s new favorite gift to shake (Jess, I hope it isn’t breakable!):

This year I bought some new Christmas decorations (I was severely lacking in the Decor department!) but my favorite decoration just came yesterday from my Mom as well, she made this for me and I LOVE it!:

Elf clothes! She sent this with a little note about This Christmas Elf wanted to be aready to help Santa on Christmas Eve so he has his best outfit washed and out to dry so he’ll be ready. I love it so much! Thank you Mom!
Now, after this whirlwind of a post (Don’t worry I have another one all ready to go in a little be, no pictures in that one though!) I am going to let you all get back to your families and I will get back to work!


Thank You Secret Santa!

So you remember me trying to get all of my bloggy followers out there to sign up for a Secret Santa gift exchange?
Well, it’s done and I couldn’t be more excited! My Secret Santa was Jill over at Frugal Plus. I was sent a $25 Bed Bath and Beyond gift card. I went more practical with what I picked for myself, but I was SO excited to be shopping for myself again!
I got:
A Gift Wrap Organizer (my “storage” before was sticking all of the rolls in a trash bag and shoving it in the closet!)

And a new Bath Mat, but not just any bath mat, a Memory Foam bath mat! Ahhhhhh, Heaven on the feet!

Jill, thank you again for the gift card! (And the state of my Wrapping Paper thanks you also!)
Want to see what I got her? You’ll just have to go Here! and check it out!

Slow down!

For now, I just want to get some things documented, so this post will be in bullet form. I plan on taking some pictures tonight to post about tomorrow.

  • Yesterday, we lowered Ella’s crib to the lowest setting!
  • For the past couple of weeks Ella has been pulling up on everything.
  • She is a cruising fool, she’ll pull up on the coffee table , go from the table to the couch, couch to chair, chair back to coffee table. This kid wants to walk!
  • Sunday was a rough day for Ella, in her need to walk alone she also took some diggers alone. Poor thing.
  • It’s so funny how she goes from laying to sitting, she will roll on to her tummy, do a mini headstand, and then plop down on her butt. She then looks very proud of herself.
  • One of her favorite new tricks is “scaling” the wall going from window to window.

This kid wants to be mobile so badly! She is so persistent, it will be soon!

Tonight was bath night. . . . .

This is one of Ella’s favorite bath toys:

Just a little plastic fish, but she loves it. Loves it so much that usually she’ll hold on to it throughout the rest of her bedtime routine. Well, tonight was no different. We got her jammies on her, put on some baby orajel (oh yes, tooth #5 is coming before tooth #4 was even done with it’s turn!), and went to Brush her hair. When Brad picked her up so I could brush her hair he started laughing. “Feel this” he says, so I poke at a little bump on her leg and start cracking up. Ella had put her fish in the leg of her pajamas just before we zipped her up. She wanted to bring him to bed. Hahahaha. Love that kid!
And now, just for fun, some pictures of my cutie!
Here she is taking a break from pulling her toys EVERYWHERE, to read a magazine. =)

 Love the lone noodle stuck to her chest! Haha!
 And, checking the boxes and making sure they really are empty before I break them down. =)

Christmas Card 2010

With Love Chartreuse Christmas 5×7 folded card
Visit Shutterfly.com for classic photo Christmas cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

Since everyone should have received their card in the mail by now, here is our Christmas Card for 2010.
I am in love with it, and after seeing the pictures together with the saying on the card, it truly is a Wonderful World right now!
Merry Christmas!

I have a monster in my house!

One that refuses to sleep!
For the past 2 weeks, Ella has been cutting tooth #4.
For the past 2 weeks, neither Ella or Mommy have been getting more then 2 hour stretches of sleep at a time. At least the past couple of weeks we were able to continue this pattern until around 7 on our days off, and on work days we would wake her up to get ready for Daycare. Not the last 2 days. Yesterday morning, we were up, for good, at 3:30 A.M. This morning we got to sleep in until a whopping 4:30 A.M. If we keep going like this, I’m going to die. I am seriously reconsidering sleep training. The poor thing will wake up screaming in pain from this stinking tooth, I’ll go in there, she’ll nurse for about 10 seconds before she’s asleep again, but then when I try to lay her down, she screams some more. It’s so horrible, tylenol take the edge off for the first 2 hour stretch but then it seems like nothing will help. My poor little baby.
In happier news, she has started kind of crawling. She looks like a baby Gorilla, haha! She puts both hands down in front of her, from sitting, and then “steps” one foot and drags the other. It’s so cute and she’s starting to really move. This led directly to wanting to pull up on everything, although she’s much better at pushing up on things then pulling up on things, but does both. But now she’ll hold on to things and not yet cruise, but take steps around the furniture. She just wants to go straight to walking.
She is getting very good at mimicking everything that we say, sounds, intonation, everything. So, we need to be more careful at what we say and everyone around us. Her favorite things to say are Da Da, Hi Puppy, Hello, Baby, and Ella. She will ocassionally throw out the random Mama as well as a few other words and she has the most adorable speaking voice. Her favorite Daycare Teachers are Erika and Bethany which makes me happy that now if one of those 2 are there in the morning, she doesn’t cry when I try to leave.
I am so looking forward to Ella’s First Christmas, which for us will be December 27th. She loves helping me wrap the presents and will go over and pat them while they’re under the tree. Most of the things that I ordered online have been showing up ready to be wrapped now. I cannot wait to play Santa even though Ella has no clue about any of this crazy stuff yet. We are heading down to Denver on Monday or Tuesday to buy some gifts for an Angel Child that we are sponsoring. Brad picked the child all on his own and he was very excited to do this this year. He seems much more excited for Christmas, period, this year. I told him he would. My Scrooge is coming around!
Well, I’m going to get back to work on Ella’s stocking (lord help me!). But I will leave you with some pictures of my awesome little monster girl. =)

Here she is before we headed out to the tree lighting ceremony at the Resort. I love the Gingerbread top and flannel lined jeans! So cute!


She loves her puppies!

 These are her two (yes two!) Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments. The one above I got at a craft fair this winter and it seemed perfect. The one below I found on Etsy and loved so I had to get her two. Haha

 And, here she is patting the presents. =)