So, when I left you before, I was hoping to feel human again by Thanksgiving. Went to bed Wednesday night, slept well since Ella slept awesome. We were up at 7:30 AM (Ella’s new routine wake up time, not too shabby!) and I felt okay, but not hungry. The day went on, we played, I cooked, but didn’t eat because I didn’t ever get hungry. The day went on and at about 11:30 Brad sent me a text and said he didn’t “feel right”. Uh Oh!
At 2:01 PM I got a text, “changing and coming home, I have whatever you had.” Fail! I guess at that point Darren called Alicia and told her “Thanksgiving is ruined!” Ha! Silly boy, I was cooking a 22 lb Turkey and side dishes galore, they were coming over to eat. Brad got home and slept for a while, he said he woke up at about 5:30 and when he didn’t hear anything going on in the house he thought that Darren and Alicia didn’t want to come over since he was sick and he felt so bad for ruining my Thanksgiving. Is that not the sweetest, most pathetic thing you’ve ever heard?! Love him!
Anyway, about 10 minutes later, they did come over, as Darren says “Me like Turkey.” Brad came out to say his Hellos and then went back to bed, poor guy. The Turkey took way longer then the 3-3 1/2 hours that the directions said it would, instead it took 5 hours (screw you Turkey bags, you did not cut cooking time in half!) Anyway, so when it was finally time to eat and Darren was carving the Turkey, Ella was ready for bed. So, I put her to bed (she was NOT going to stay up for any matter of food) and then we ate. Big mistake for me. Long night afterwards. It took me until last night, a whopping 76 hours since I had really eaten, to feel hungry again let alone keep anything down. This bug SUCKS! And it is going around everywhere it seems.
Anyway, yesterday morning, I called Alicia to make sure everyone was still fine, nope. She had gotten it too! So, as of now Darren is the only one in our little group who is still healthy. Lucky boy! But now all of us are feeling better so that is good.
So, I guess this wasn’t ALL about Thanksgiving. But I’m very Thankful that we got to spend time together, no matter how we all felt. Thankful for my family and amazing friends, my health (now), and life. This is an amazing world we live in.
And now, for some pictures of my amazing little girl on her first Thanksgiving!

We Spent our morning in Jammies, watching the parade on TV and playing with Cassidy. Cody would not have any of it.

 Then it was time for serious Thanksgiving outfit time, “Thankful For Mommy” Love it!

 And the Turkey Butt! Too cute!

 And, her new favorite place to hang out, the sun room. Of course it only has the hardest and most uneven surface in the house.

 But, it’s all worth it because her new favorite game is playing Peek a Boo behind the curtains!

 And, since she didn’t get to wear her Turkey bib on Thanksgiving, here is my exhausted little girl sporting it on Black Friday. =)


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