3 posts in 1 day?! Unheard of!

I just wanted to take a minute to brag a little bit. =) About what? My awesome svaings thanks to Shutterfly and their 50 free cards for bloggers, and about my AMAZING luck this morning.
First, just a quick note on the Shutterfly saving because I was quite impressed with myself. And, hopefully this will help other bloggers who have receieved the code but have not yet ordered their cards. Put in the code that is on the website for free shipping and then enter your code for the free cards. I ordered 75 cards, got free shipping, 50 free cards, the cards that I did end up paying for were 30% off, AND I had a $20 credit from Motherhood Maternity (awesome!).
Total spent for 75 personalized photo Christmas cards: $15.18
Total SAVINGS for 75 personalized photo Christmas cards: $149.49
Say What?! You read that right! LOVE IT!

Now on to my awesome luck. So, as everyone who knows me in real life that reads this blog knows, working for a ski resort, Holidays mean nothing, they are just another day where if it’s in your scheduled work week, you’re working. Christmas is on a Saturday this year, Brad and I both work Saturdays. It’s just the luck of the draw, so for us Christmas this year is Monday the 27th. That being said, there is no Black Friday shopping when you work at a Ski resort, I was lucky enough to get someone to Cover me for Thanksgiving since daycare was closed. Yesterday, I looked online at some of the things I wanted to get Ella and some other people for Christmas, didn’t really see anything worth writing home for so I figured I would wait for “Cyber Monday”. This morning when I got to work I had an e-mail from Kohl’s about their Saturday Doorbusters so I figured I’d look again, SO glad I did!
I was going a little nuts for Ella because the deals were amazing, I got her:

 This musical learning table that I know she’ll love (Little girl not included)

(This little girl not included either!)
Ha! Anyway, I got her these things, a couple items for Brad, some clothes for my niece, etc. I went to place my order and I kept getting an error message stating “One or more of your items can only be shipped via standard shipping, please select this method and hit continue.” My Mama didn’t raise no fool, I was already trying to use standard shipping since, hello, spend more then $50 and your shipping is FREE! I siwtched to every other shipping method available and kept getting the error message. I was fed up and ALMOST ready say screw it. But I wanted these things for Ella, and was happy to have found some things that I liked for Brad and for Devon, so I called the 1-800 number to see if they could tell me what was going on. Thank the lord that I did!
The guy on the phone was SO nice. He had me save the items to my basket and then log out so that he could get in to my account. He was able to tell me that the blocks and one of the items for Brad was not able to be shipped to a P.O. Box, being a small mountain town, that’s all you get around here. He was then able to get the two items in question switched to be shipped UPS to our home, the rest of the order still shipped to the PO box, free shipping on both modes of shipping and 30% off the order for my trouble! WHAT?! So nice! THEN, oh yes, it gets better. Then when he asked how I was paying and I said my Kohl’s card, I got another 15% off for being a Kohl’s card Member! He then had me log back in to my account so that I could see the order in writing and make sure that everything was correct before we got off the phone so he could immediately change something if he needed to. WOW! Just Wow. I saved enough money that I was able to feel comfortable going ahead and ordering the Wagon I wanted for Ella for Christmas. Today is an amazing day! Just had to share. I just wanted to share my amazing customer service story because usually you get jilted, this guy made my day! Thank you Kohl’s Man!


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