Dear Santa;

Haha, like he reads the blog. I have had a couple of questions about things that I want/need for Christmas. This list is just to put it out there to the masses in case anyone (really, anyone) wants to buy me a gift. Haha!
First, we’ll prove how level headed I am and start with the needs.

Pajama Pants like these adorable ones from Old Navy! Seriously, go look at all of the awesome prints they have.


Slippers! Brads dad sent me a pair of these slippers a few years ago for Christmas. I bought a second pair to go to the hospital with me because I wore the first pair to death, now I have worn the second pair to death, I need new slippers.

Oh yes, this girl needs some socks! I don’t know where they go, but mine sneak away, and it’s not like I’m the one in the house with stinky feet.

And now for some absolute wants, the first one is somewhat practical.

I would love a higher zoom lens for my camera so that I can do a little more with my pictures of Ella.
I would also like some Copper Bottom cookware. Maybe something like this? It’s affordable because, well, it’s Walmart. But also should be durable with the Copper bottom, not to mention so much more even heating! And, our black Friday deal cookware from a few years ago just is not holding up.

And now, for the biggest want ever!

What is this, you ask? Once you order this charm they send you a kit to put a fingerprint impression on. You send it back and they put that impression onto a charm as a necklace, you can have a name engraved on the back. I would LOVE 2 of them, one with Ella’s fingerprint, and the other with Brad’s so that I can always have them with me. SWOON! I love this!
Anyway, that’s all. I swear there will be an Ella post VERY, very soon.


2 thoughts on “Dear Santa;

  1. I asked my husband for the same necklace!! I LOVE it. I don't think I will be getting it because we ended up deciding to just buy for Cole. But I did tell him my birthday is in May…hint hint:)

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