It’s that time again!

What time? Christmas card time! Maybe it isn’t even a thought in a normal persons mind, but to the crazy Christmas girls like myself, I’m a little late!
Which leads me to picking my Christmas card design. For the past couple of years we’ve gone through Shutterfly and have always had a great experience with them. So, that’s where we went for our birth announcements also. They have so many amazing designs to choose from, and this year we have an even bigger delimma, what kind of card are we looking for?
Do we want something fun, like this, since we have a baby now?

Something a little more modern, like this?

Or maybe something a little more traditional? Like this?

Just know that whichever route we go, I’ll be making decisions quickly, and you’ll be getting fun cards very soon!They also have tons of other things to make as well if you’re looking for gift ideas. A couple of years ago I made my Grandma a photo calendar, she LOVED it! And this year for Mother’s day, both my mom and Brads mom were given Photo Books, a big hit!

This year Shutterfly is doing an awesome promotion for Bloggers! Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up: Here!


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