Halloween, finally!

Ella’s first Halloween was a blast. Her and her buddy Kasen went as Pebbles and Bam Bam. The costumes turned out great and we all had so much fun. We took Ella and Kasen trick or treating on Saturday night and then we just took Ella to the houses of a few people that we know and hadn’t seen for a while, on Sunday night.
Ella loved looking at all of the other little kids in their costumes, she would just smile and laugh. People insisted on giving her candy (score for Brad and I!) which intrigued her to no end. She loved her pumpkin bucket, she would not let go, and this is the age where dropping everything is fun. Then when people started putting things in to it, she loved it even more. She would stare at the people as they started coming closer, and intently watch every movement as they would drop something in her basket, then she would look in to the basket, touch whatever it was they had put in, and then look up and give that person the biggest smile! Too stinking cute! Here are some photos of Miss Ella Pebbles. =)


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