CIO is not for us

I feel horrible, I got wrapped up the in the idea of a full nights sleep and put my priorities on the back burner. My whole 9 months of mothering I have always followed Ella’s cues, I haven’t tried to motivate her one way or another. We nurse when she wants to nurse, we sleep when she wants to sleep, we happily scream whenever she wants to, until 2 nights ago. I tried letting my baby cry it out, a “popular” sleep training method, by the recommendation of our pediatricians office.
Ella would wake up and when I didn’t come she would cry, I would go in an soothe her without picking her up and she would continue to cry, so I would cry too. No more! We’re going back to our roots, happy baby, happy mama, happy family. She wakes up because she needs food or comfort, whatever it is she means more to me then a couple extra minutes of sleep.
Cry it out is definitely not for us.


One thought on “CIO is not for us

  1. I'm so glad you followed your Momy instincts! 🙂 I didn't want to say too much on your other post because we all make different decisions, and heaven knows we don't need anyone else making us feel guilty for our choices!!

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