9 Month Well Visit and the horrible night after!

Yesterday morning, Ella was a very good girl and let us sleep in until 8:30 before she was up for good. We nursed, we played a little, we got dressed, and then we headed to her 10 AM 9 month well exam. That’s where our day went down hill a little. As we were getting there a sick visit patient was signing in in front of us, the dad had never been there before and sent the little boy in to the well waiting room to play, sigh. Thankfully they were called back quickly so he didn’t have time to touch everything. We were called back at 10:15 so I was already a little irritated that they didn’t even check us in until 15 minutes after the appointment. They did Ella’s stats, 15 lbs. 15 oz (8th percentile), 26 1/2″ (18th percentile), and head circumference 18CM (91st percentile!), what can I say, I told you the kid was smart! We then went back to our room to wait, and wait, and wait. At about 10:45 the nurse comes in and says that they had an “unusual” first appointment and that the DR, who by the way is a fill in today, is running a little behind. Great, not our normal doctor and she hasn’t even gotten to the sick kid who checked in before us yet. AWESOME! Ella was exhausted but didn’t want to sit still, we had read every book in our room, played with all of the toys several times. So I just opened the door and we walked around the Dr’s area. Finally at 11:35 the new Dr came in and we spent maybe 20 minutes together. She had seen Ella walking so she didn’t even go over the developmental forms we had to fill out, she knew Ella was doing fine. Talked about sleep habits, eating habits, and how to “bulk her up” (not necessary in my opinion, she’s healthy, meeting all milestones, and incredibly happy!) then she was gone. Ella got her flu booster and we were on our way at Noon, 2 hours after our appointment time and 20 minutes spent with the actual Dr., El was pissed. She wanted to eat and nap and that was it. Good for her we were heading down to Denver to get her an outfit for our Christmas card photos so she slept all the way down.

While we were talking about her sleep habits she asked about night feedings and I told her that Ella wakes up once a night on work days and twice a night on weekends. She suggested that we start sleep training and let her CIO as she doesn’t need night feedings for calories anymore (this after the bulk her up convo!). So we decided we’d try it out and see how it went. Ella went down to bed like clockwork, 7 PM came around, she took a bath, had her bedtime routine with us, and was in bed by 7:25. She woke up around 1:30 and we let her cry, we didn’t go in at all because we were told to wait 15 minutes before going in to comfort. Ella only cried for 5, played for a minute, pulled her blanket back on and was asleep. Easy? I think not, she woke up an hour later, did the exact same thing, and that was the longest stretch of sleep we got for the rest of the night. She was up every 30-45 minutes, rinse and repeat. I think we’re going to try again tonight and see how it goes, but if it’s the same or worse, I will be getting up for those night feedings as we all get more sleep that way. Although, I wanted to smack Brad this morning when we get out of bed and he says “That wasn’t bad, she only cried once.” Ha! He slept through the whole rest of the night! Butthead!

Now if you’ve made it this far, I commend you! And as a reward here are a couple of cutie pie pictures of my baby girl!
Too cute!
My little yogurt lover!

One thought on “9 Month Well Visit and the horrible night after!

  1. I've been there, done that with small kiddos and idiot docs that don't understand how bfing works. If you're into the sleep training, then by all means do your thing. However, for us, the quick nurse & back to sleep was fine, and easier on everyone. They sleep eventually, LOL. Neither of my kids slept through the night with any regularity until after a year, but sleep training isn't for us.

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