Trip Home, Pt. 1

We were lucky enough this past week to be able to take some time off of work and go home to visit our families. We had a great time, but as always time went so quickly! It always seems like you have so much time to see everyone and get everything done that you want to, and then before you know it you’re on a plane on your way home again!
It was pretty low key, we did some visiting with family and were just able to relax.
On Thursday morning my Mom, Ella, and myself went to go see my sister doing Story Time at one of the local Elementary schools.

Here is My Sister Faythe, Ella, and My Mom. Ella was super interested in the Visitor Stickers.

And she loved eating the books. =)
After story time, I couldn’t resist. Right outside the school was this gorgeous tree full of beautiful leaves, so Ella and I took some time for a photo shoot.

We spent the rest of our day hanging out with my Grandma (Gigi) and my Niece Devon. Here’s a picture of my Grandma with 2 of her youngest great grand daughters.

Devon was convinced it was FREEZING outside at 74 degrees so she needed to wear her hat.
Friday was a lazy day, we did some shopping and just hung out.
Saturday morning we went for Brunch out at my Uncle’s house and Ella got to hang out with her cousin Aiden.

Aren’t they too cute together?! And how did we get girls with SO much hair! Haha
 At Brunch, Ella also enjoyed chewing on the centerpiece.

Then, Sara and I were so tired we decided to join in on Ella’s nap. =)

Later that night we did some visiting with Brads family and Ella got to play with her cousin Graedan.

And after dinner we went out and did some MORE visiting (Saturday was Ella’s super busy, visit everyone day!) Here is Ella with her good friend Mackenzie.

Sunday we took Ella to the Pumpkin Patch, a post all it’s own.
Monday and Tuesday were just hang out days. Tuesday was a little stressful as we had tornado warnings all morning. Nothing really came of it in our area, my mom lost some branches out of her trees & Brads moms neighbor lost his flag pole. That’s about it for people we know, but I guess a phone pole fell over on one of the elementary schools in the area. Nothing as bad as what we saw on TV that happened in other areas though. Now we’re back home and back to work. Tomorrow is Trick or Treating for us so be ready for cuteness overload on Ella’s costume! And I’ll have a Pumpkin Patch post up later today!

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