October 17, 2010

Was my 28th birthday. We had a very low key day as Daddy was fighting a cold and Ella was working on some teeth, so I had two babies to deal with! Ha!
We went on a couple of walks because it was so beautiful out and you never know when that is going to end up here. Ella got to test out her new puffy coat, loved it! We watched some Football (GO COLTS!), had some yummy Pork Carnitas for dinner, and I tried my hand at making a Red Velvet cake from scratch. It wasn’t the best thing to look at (didn’t chill my frosting long enough so it melted!) but it is pretty dang tasty!
It was a wonderful day, and then at night all heck broke loose. Ella went down for bed like clockwork, right at 7:30, didn’t fight it at all. At 11 she woke up SCREAMING! I went in to nurse her back to sleep and she was. not. having it! She screamed in my face for 45 minutes, would arch her back and refuse to nurse. I took her temp, changed her diaper, brought her to bed with us, nothing worked. I finally took her back to her crib and let her cry herself to sleep (finally fell asleep at 12:45!). 1:30 Am rolled around and we had a rinse and repeat mini session of earlier in the evening, she was back asleep at about 2:45. 4:30 rolls around and she woke up again but this time nursed and fell back asleep within 10 minutes but was back up at 5:15 and ready to scream some more. I had to go to work so we got up and got ready. I only coaxed her in to nursing 3 times between 4:30 at 2:45 PM! She just was not feeling good! After a couple of poops, some toots, and some very lady like (I guarantee) burps she took a little nap, and I do mean little. When she woke up at 3:30 I had had enough so we went home. She did better once we got home, we got her to eat some yogurt and mashed bananas, then she nursed for real, and was back to her normal self. She played with us before dinner, watched some Baby Einstein, and was ready for bed at 6:30. She nursed and went to bed like normal so I am crossing everything that she has a better night tonight!
Here are a couple pictures from throughout the day on my B-day.


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