Grrr. . . .

I am quite frustrated with the US Postal Service right now, they do not seem very smart. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a bunch of hair bows and headbands for Ella, from my favorite bow maker over at Princess Couture Designs. She makes every bow to order so it took a couple of days, but she mailed them Wednesday night, so they should have gone out Thursday morning. Nope, they sat at the Slat Lake Post Office until Saturday, then they were shipped to Albuquerque, NM, oh what, I don’t live in New Mexico?! Then they sat there all day Sunday and Monday, and JUST made it to Denver. Which means that they will not be here today and I will not have all of my gorgeous hair accessories for Ella on our trip home. I am so ticked off since I could have driven to Salt Lake and back and had them here myself in less then a day! I have ordered from her numerous times before and they always ship them from SLC to Denver, and now they wonder why they’re not making any money, um, unnecessary shipments maybe! Last time I heard anything fuel for an airplane wasn’t cheap! Want to know the most frustrating part? They will be sitting, in a package at our post office in the morning when we drive by to go to the airport since the truck gets there at like 6:30 in the morning, and no one will be there to be able to get them! 
Sorry I had to get that off my chest, I am quite frustrated right now!


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