Weight checks and flu shots

We took Ella in for a weight check this morning, she weighed in at 15 lbs. 12 1/2 oz. So it bumped her up to the 19th percentile.
While we were there Ella and I got our flu shots, she was such a trooper, she cried for about 2 seconds until I picked her up. Then, she stopped crying, gave the nurse a dirty look, and was fine. It was adorable. I let her watch me get my shot first so she would see if it was okay. Afterwards we both got to rock our Loony Tunes band aids, I got Bugs Bunny and she got Taz. Now she’ll have to have a booster at her 9 month well check next month when she wouldn’t have had to have any shots, but since we’re flying home for a week in 2 weeks I wanted her to be protected against all of the gross germs she can pick up on the plane. I will say though, if her poor little thigh is as sore as my arm is, she’s gotte be in some pain. Poor girl! Trooper!


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