Wild Fire

This afternoon Ella and I were in the back yard just walking around looking at all of our (now) dead plants when I heard sirens. I went to look over our fence at the highway and I looked up and saw this:

 These pictures were taken between 1:15 and 3:30 this afternoon. About an hour after we saw the smoke there was a report on the news that it was burning 200 acres, now at 10:25 it’s at 300 acres, and 0% contained. Again, this is according to the news channels so if any of my fire fighter friends want to comment and let me know what’s really going on, that would be great. =)
This might sound horrible but as I was driving in to town this evening to pick up something for dinner I was REALLY wishing that I had my camera with me. If it wasn’t such a horrible thing that was happening it would have made for beautiful pictures, the sun was behind the smoke so the sky was gorgeous orange. but I wouldn’t have pulled over even if I had the camera with me, there were enough jack asses already weaving out of traffic and pulling back in to it to be on the side of the road gawking, I didn’t want to be one of them. It smells like smoke outside my house. This fire is about 10 miles away from me and would have to jump the highway to get here, we don’t believe we’re in any place to be evacuated, it would take a couple days to get here if the winds were going crazy, which thankfully they are quite calm. Pray for those who have houses closer to this fire than mine.


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