Trip Home, Pt. 1

We were lucky enough this past week to be able to take some time off of work and go home to visit our families. We had a great time, but as always time went so quickly! It always seems like you have so much time to see everyone and get everything done that you want to, and then before you know it you’re on a plane on your way home again!
It was pretty low key, we did some visiting with family and were just able to relax.
On Thursday morning my Mom, Ella, and myself went to go see my sister doing Story Time at one of the local Elementary schools.

Here is My Sister Faythe, Ella, and My Mom. Ella was super interested in the Visitor Stickers.

And she loved eating the books. =)
After story time, I couldn’t resist. Right outside the school was this gorgeous tree full of beautiful leaves, so Ella and I took some time for a photo shoot.

We spent the rest of our day hanging out with my Grandma (Gigi) and my Niece Devon. Here’s a picture of my Grandma with 2 of her youngest great grand daughters.

Devon was convinced it was FREEZING outside at 74 degrees so she needed to wear her hat.
Friday was a lazy day, we did some shopping and just hung out.
Saturday morning we went for Brunch out at my Uncle’s house and Ella got to hang out with her cousin Aiden.

Aren’t they too cute together?! And how did we get girls with SO much hair! Haha
 At Brunch, Ella also enjoyed chewing on the centerpiece.

Then, Sara and I were so tired we decided to join in on Ella’s nap. =)

Later that night we did some visiting with Brads family and Ella got to play with her cousin Graedan.

And after dinner we went out and did some MORE visiting (Saturday was Ella’s super busy, visit everyone day!) Here is Ella with her good friend Mackenzie.

Sunday we took Ella to the Pumpkin Patch, a post all it’s own.
Monday and Tuesday were just hang out days. Tuesday was a little stressful as we had tornado warnings all morning. Nothing really came of it in our area, my mom lost some branches out of her trees & Brads moms neighbor lost his flag pole. That’s about it for people we know, but I guess a phone pole fell over on one of the elementary schools in the area. Nothing as bad as what we saw on TV that happened in other areas though. Now we’re back home and back to work. Tomorrow is Trick or Treating for us so be ready for cuteness overload on Ella’s costume! And I’ll have a Pumpkin Patch post up later today!

Who wants to win some hairbows??

I do, I do! For Ella of course! Do you remember my post about hating the USPS? Well, the amazing hairbows in question arrived ( a post in and of itself to show them off!) and now I am entering for a chance to win a $20 GC to win some more!
If you would like your own chance to win this amazing prize head over to Princess Couture Designs and enter for your chance to win!!

P.S. I will be water marking some photos tonight and updating about our trip either tonight or tomorrow!!

I’ll be back soon!

Sorry to any faithful readers out there. Our little family flew to our hometown on Wednesday morning for a week. When I return there will be pumpkin patch pictures and lots of cute Ella pictures, promise! See you next week!

Grrr. . . .

I am quite frustrated with the US Postal Service right now, they do not seem very smart. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a bunch of hair bows and headbands for Ella, from my favorite bow maker over at Princess Couture Designs. She makes every bow to order so it took a couple of days, but she mailed them Wednesday night, so they should have gone out Thursday morning. Nope, they sat at the Slat Lake Post Office until Saturday, then they were shipped to Albuquerque, NM, oh what, I don’t live in New Mexico?! Then they sat there all day Sunday and Monday, and JUST made it to Denver. Which means that they will not be here today and I will not have all of my gorgeous hair accessories for Ella on our trip home. I am so ticked off since I could have driven to Salt Lake and back and had them here myself in less then a day! I have ordered from her numerous times before and they always ship them from SLC to Denver, and now they wonder why they’re not making any money, um, unnecessary shipments maybe! Last time I heard anything fuel for an airplane wasn’t cheap! Want to know the most frustrating part? They will be sitting, in a package at our post office in the morning when we drive by to go to the airport since the truck gets there at like 6:30 in the morning, and no one will be there to be able to get them! 
Sorry I had to get that off my chest, I am quite frustrated right now!

October 17, 2010

Was my 28th birthday. We had a very low key day as Daddy was fighting a cold and Ella was working on some teeth, so I had two babies to deal with! Ha!
We went on a couple of walks because it was so beautiful out and you never know when that is going to end up here. Ella got to test out her new puffy coat, loved it! We watched some Football (GO COLTS!), had some yummy Pork Carnitas for dinner, and I tried my hand at making a Red Velvet cake from scratch. It wasn’t the best thing to look at (didn’t chill my frosting long enough so it melted!) but it is pretty dang tasty!
It was a wonderful day, and then at night all heck broke loose. Ella went down for bed like clockwork, right at 7:30, didn’t fight it at all. At 11 she woke up SCREAMING! I went in to nurse her back to sleep and she was. not. having it! She screamed in my face for 45 minutes, would arch her back and refuse to nurse. I took her temp, changed her diaper, brought her to bed with us, nothing worked. I finally took her back to her crib and let her cry herself to sleep (finally fell asleep at 12:45!). 1:30 Am rolled around and we had a rinse and repeat mini session of earlier in the evening, she was back asleep at about 2:45. 4:30 rolls around and she woke up again but this time nursed and fell back asleep within 10 minutes but was back up at 5:15 and ready to scream some more. I had to go to work so we got up and got ready. I only coaxed her in to nursing 3 times between 4:30 at 2:45 PM! She just was not feeling good! After a couple of poops, some toots, and some very lady like (I guarantee) burps she took a little nap, and I do mean little. When she woke up at 3:30 I had had enough so we went home. She did better once we got home, we got her to eat some yogurt and mashed bananas, then she nursed for real, and was back to her normal self. She played with us before dinner, watched some Baby Einstein, and was ready for bed at 6:30. She nursed and went to bed like normal so I am crossing everything that she has a better night tonight!
Here are a couple pictures from throughout the day on my B-day.

Things Ella is doing now

For a couple of weeks now, Ella has been clapping, it is the most adorable thing! She will NOT do it on command, but you can tell when this girl is happy because she just breaks in to a huge grin and starts clapping.
When you’re carrying Ella around, you’re almost bound to get a “good job” pat on the shoulder, too cute!
She has her two bottom teeth (has fr a few weeks now) and is working SO hard to get the top two out at the same time. Poor kid is in some pain.
Ella is going on another trip this week in an airplane, we’re going to visit Gigi, Ning Ning, Mamaw, Papaw, and all of her aunts and uncles this week! 

Sorry! & Watch her go!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! I was having a watermark made so that from here on out I can protect all images of my little Monkey! If you know me & would like me to e-mail you copies of these pictures, unmarked, e-mail me! 
Here is a post of pictures, a little montage of Ella pulling herself up to her knees. She’s smart enough not to try to go all the way up in her PNP at work. =) She is getting close to really crawling I think! She has been scooting herself around for weeks and is getting frustrated, she is so ready to cruise!


The best is yet to be

4 years ago today, I married my best friend.
We’ve had our ups and downs, our for better or worse, but it all led us the the amazingly happy family we are today. I’ve loved every minute of our 9 years together, but I didn’t know how much deeper the love got when you’re married. Best four years of my life, and the best is yet to be.

A fire update, a tooth, and a load off of my shoulders!

So, as of an hour ago the fire is at 530 acres and it is now, thankfully, 70% contained. It has been raining off and on today which is helping our firefighters out immensely! 
Ella got her 2nd tooth in, so now she has her bottom two teeth and is SO cute when she smiles up at you. I was surprised that she didn’t get a runny nose with this one, she had some diarrhea and a couple of sleepless nights but no runny nose. Oh well, I guess you can’t get all of the “normal” symptoms all of the time. Now we just need the top two fronts to pop in because her little top gums have been SO swollen for about 2 months now, poor baby girl. If I try to rub baby oragel on her top gums she SCREAMS! 
And now, for the biggest weight off of my shoulders, my baby girl who REFUSES a bottle will drink her milk out of a sippy cup. We tried the other night, just warmed up an ounce and a half at first she was quite freaked out, this wasn’t the water she had been anticipating. She kept looking at me with a weird look on her face, so I went to the kitchen to finish cooking dinner. She drank it all, thank goodness. Now when she goes to daycare next month (gulp!) I know she’ll at least be able to eat during the day. To help on that matter, at her weight check on Monday the NP says that at her 9 month appointment she is going to write me a script to be able to bring her in with me at my normal work time and nurse her before bringing her to daycare AND that I need to get my lunch breaks so I can go over there and nurse her once during the day so that we know she is getting enough to eat, since she’s such a petite little thing. =) That made me very happy and both of my bosses were very supportive. So thankful for the job I have and the people I work for. And now to make all of this rambling worth it, a couple of pictures.

This is from a couple of days ago when her 2nd tooth was just starting to poke through.

Love her!

Not only is this my new most favorite picture of El, you can see her two little teeth in there!

Weight checks and flu shots

We took Ella in for a weight check this morning, she weighed in at 15 lbs. 12 1/2 oz. So it bumped her up to the 19th percentile.
While we were there Ella and I got our flu shots, she was such a trooper, she cried for about 2 seconds until I picked her up. Then, she stopped crying, gave the nurse a dirty look, and was fine. It was adorable. I let her watch me get my shot first so she would see if it was okay. Afterwards we both got to rock our Loony Tunes band aids, I got Bugs Bunny and she got Taz. Now she’ll have to have a booster at her 9 month well check next month when she wouldn’t have had to have any shots, but since we’re flying home for a week in 2 weeks I wanted her to be protected against all of the gross germs she can pick up on the plane. I will say though, if her poor little thigh is as sore as my arm is, she’s gotte be in some pain. Poor girl! Trooper!