Baby Crack & a tooth too!

So, on Monday we let Ella try what the stores like to call “Baby Yogurt”. I call complete and total BS, that stuff is CRACK! The girl who we had to wrestle to eat 2 ounces of purees (and we’d maybe get her to eat a full ounce, MAYBE!) will eat a 4 oz container of baby yogurt in a sitting, SCREAM at you if you aren’t shoveling it in fast enough, and now REFUSES to eat anything else. She shakes her head no, turns her face away, and clamps those lips shut if you’re trying to spoon anything else in. Grrr. . . . .
In other news, Ella cut her first tooth! Last Wednesday, the 15th, it finally popped through. It is her bottom center left tooth and it is taking it’s sweet time coming all the way but it has broken through and thriving. Now with the explosions and sleepless nights we’ve had the past couple of days, I think #2 is well on it’s way. Here’s a picture of her solo tooth in all of it’s (horrible picture!) glory!

Her poor bottom and top gums are still SO swollen so I hope these teeth all come in soon, plus I need some sleep or I don’t know what’s gonna happen. =)

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