Our Day at the Zoo.

On Monday we took Ella on her first trip to the zoo. Neither Brad or I had been to any zoo in forever and this was our first trip to the Denver zoo, so we were all quite excited. Ella did awesome the whole day, she got the biggest kick out of the elephants and the monkeys, she would just look at them and laugh. We got to see a 3 month old baby Orangutan, 4 tiger cubs, a baby sea lion, baby giraffes, babies galore. Ella got tired around the time we got to the wild horses, so we just started pushing her in her stroller and she passed out.
Here are some pictures from her first zoo trip!

Doesn’t it look like the head of the camel on the right has fallen off?! Is that just me, am I crazy?
This is a Red Panda, I had never seen one before.
Baby Giraffes, I loved them!
And, at the end of the day Ella decided to roll on to her tummy to sleep for the first time ever and sleep through the night! This resulted in no sleep for Mommy as I was in every hour with my hand under her nose making sure she was still breathing! HA!
Now tonight, Brad is down in Denver again for a friends birthday. So, I have the house to myself (after Ella goes to bed) so I will be catching up on some chick flicks that I made Brad pick up for me. =) Woo hoo! I’ll also be knitting the whole time trying to finish a gorgeous blanket that will soon be up on my Etsy shop.

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