7 Months old and the cold from hell!

Today my baby girl turns 7 months old!! The only bad part is that she feels horrible.
Yesterday we went to the pediatricians office, Ella had been pulling on one of her ears and I was afraid that she was getting an ear infection. Luckily I was wrong, but she does have a horrible cold (which I knew prior to going to the Dr.). The Dr. also said that she’s working on 3 bottom teeth and two top teeth and she wouldn’t be surprised if within the next 2 weeks or so they just start popping through one right after the other. So trying to grow 5 teeth and having a horrible cold makes for one MISERABLE baby. I feel so bad for her!
They did a weight check while we were there, she now weight 15 lbs. 6 oz. So she has gained 1 lb and 3 oz. in 30 days, go Ella! That puts her growth in the 25th percentile but her actual weight still in the 17th percentile. She said if she keeps growing like this she should have no problem sky rocketing back up the growth charts.
I was so happy to see our regular pediatrician again! Last month the Dr. we saw while ours was on vacation made me feel like a horrible parent. Where as she was talking formula supplementation, just leaving her on her tummy and letting her scream to “make” her roll over more often. And then I see Kelly yesterday, ahhhh ::::in a relaxed state:::: is all I have to say! She said her weight gain is fine, she’s on the petite side but completely healthy. She also says she’s just stubborn about the rolling over, she pushes up like a “champ” and if she were turning 9 months old and not rolling over all the time, she’d have an issue, but babies do things on their own times and Ella is “developmentally perfect.” So, I have spent the last month freaking out that I’m a horrible mother all to be told she’s perfectly fine.
Now we just need to kick this cold so Mama and baby can get some sleep before Ella’s first concert on Sunday. Willie Nelson @ Red Rocks! Lucky Girl!


One thought on “7 Months old and the cold from hell!

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