Craziness. . . & adventures in teething!

That is exactly what the past couple of weeks have been. Between my mom and sister here for a week, Brads Hand, Brads mom out here for a long weekend, it’s just been crazy.
Ella is doing wonderful, although she seems to be on a rolling strike. She FINALLY decided to stop being so stubborn and start rolling over, and now she’s been on a strike for almost 2 weeks where she just will not do it! Any suggestions? I mean, the kid wants to move, she scoots herself EVERYWHERE when you put her down, she tries to let go of your hands when she’s standing up, she sits unsupported like a champ, she just refuses to roll over. There are still no teeth to speak of, her top gums are SO swollen and you can see those teeth just waiting to pop through. She hasn’t been running a “fever” because of them, but her temperature has been a couple of degrees higher then her normal 97.5. Also, her poop schedule is crazy (sorry if TMI!) she went almost the whole time Brads mom was here without pooping. Then, after she finally went she seemed to be back to normal (one poopy diaper every 2 days for anyone who was wondering) and then we got to yesterday. She had an all out “Poo-splosion” in the morning, at about lunch time she was sitting on my lap and at first I thought she was just gassy until she tensed up and things just stated flowing, she was concentrating so hard her little arm was shaking. It’s very VERY rare to have 2 dirty diapers in one day. Then, to top it off, we get home, go through our night time routine and she just WILL NOT go to sleep. So, I bring her out in to the living room and put her in her exersaucer to let her wear herself out a bit. Well, then she gets “the look”. She pooped AGAIN! I check her diaper and don’t see much, so I take her to her room to get her cleaned up, open up her sleeper and it’s all the way up her back! So, now it turns in to bath night. Since Brad and I had been cooking while all of this was going on, our dinner was ready so Ella got to have some naked time in the living room while we ate, took her bath, nursed and went right down @ 8. Then she was up at 11:15, went back down pretty easily. Woke back up at 2, I nursed her again and then put her down, she instantly woke back up and started fussing. I knew she was well fed so I went to lay back down and let her fuss herself to sleep, she was up until 3! Needless to say it was a very long night! Thank you teeth that absolutely will not come through! Grrr. . . . .
Anyway, she just woke up from her mini nap (that is what our days at work during teething have been reduced to. Maybe 20 minutes at a time but then gets SUPER fussy an hour and a half later. Rinse & repeat!) So I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures and try to post a little more during nap #2??

Ha! I just love her little fluff butt, and the expression on her face! It says to me “Really? Another picture?!”
Ella’s first ride on the Cabriolet
With Mamaw (Brad’s Mom)
Her onesie says “My Dad Has Super Powers”…..
….. On the back it needs to say “But, a steak knife is his Kryptonite”
Alright, I’m off to either:
A) Get Some Work Done
B) Coax Ella into a rolling spree
C) Just plain do my best to keep her entertained

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