6 Months Photos & the answer to. . . . . . .

. . . What the heck happened to Brads hand?!
We’ll start with that explanation! On Sunday the 8th, I was out to a nice lunch with Ella, my Mom, and My sister; afterwards we did some grocery shopping where I was bragging to them about what AMAZING guacamole Brad makes! Do we see where this is going? We got home, were unpacking the groceries, and I asked Brad if he could by chance make us some guacamole as we had purchased all of the necessary supplies. Working on his 3rd avocado he had a momentary lapse in judgement, stabbed the pit, the knife went straight THROUGH the pit and into (and all the way through) Brads pointer finger on his left hand. All I hear is him saying “That’s not good” looking over and seeing a knife all the way through the avocado half, complete with blood on the end, and then look over to see Brad running his hand under the faucet and the water is RED! I ran and got a cloth diaper and my mom tied it around his hand and off she took him to the emergency room. 3 hours later they’re on their way home and it turns out the knife did go all the way through his finger, Brad doesn’t half any feeling in the top half of his finger, turns out he cut through a nerve and we’re going to see a specialist the next day. Well, Monday rolls around and that afternoon Brad, Ella, my sister Sara, and I are headed down to Denver to see a hand surgeon. We get there and they do the surgery right in the office, oh yes, they had to cut him up a little more, go in and sew his nerve back together. The prognosis is good, if he doesn’t do anything to screw it up while it’s in the splint he should regain about 98% of the feeling in that finger. I guess where he cut through the nerve is going to die, and then it will begin to regenerate. Fun stuff! 
So, it was a stressful vacation week for me! I had planned to get some knitting and sewing done for the opening of my Etsy store (See button in the top right of the blog!). But, I had to push that back to September 1st. So, anyone who needs some homemade baby items for yourself or as a gift, check out my store on September 1st!!
And now what you all came for, Ella! Here are her 6th month photos, I haven’t edited any of them yet but love how some of them turned out anyway! This isn’t all of them, just a few of my faves! Enjoy!

Ella with Ning Ning (My Mom) & Aunt Sara
I think this one is my favorite!
My other favorite!

3 thoughts on “6 Months Photos & the answer to. . . . . . .

  1. Sorry about your husband's finger… that sounds so painful! I followed your comment over here (and replied to it bigtime, so peek back), and I'm glad I did… Ella is adorable! Can't wait to see your Etsy store when it opens.

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