6 Months Old Already!

Ella is already half a year old!
She had her 6 month well check yesterday which included 5 new shots! Poor kid.
She weighed in at 14 lbs 3 oz (17th percentile, so she’s dropped there but she’s still gaining), she is 25 1/2″ tall (43rd percentile), and her head was 17 1/3″ around (85th percentile). She isn’t doing as well with her shots this time, she has this horrible little red welt on the leg that had to have 3 of the shots:

The Dr. also said that her bottom teeth are going to come in before her tops. She said it’s harder to see but her bottoms already went through the stage that her tops are going through. So, her bottom gums are SUPER swollen and ready to push some teeth on through, so the poor kid is working on four teeth at once. So, thanks to teething and the shots, today I have this:
Her Dr. said that her bottom teeth actually are coming in first. They’ve already gone through the process that her top teeth are going through now so her bottom gums are SUPER swollen and so she’s in so much pain because she’s working on all 4 teeth at once. So, thanks to teething and shots, I have what you see above, my red face, in pain, don’t pick me up, can’t put me down, won’t nap, teething, thighs hurt, in pain, poor little girl!
Of course it rained all day yesterday while we were home so I wasn’t able to get her 6 month pictures taken. And, today while we’re stuck at work it has been absolutely gorgeous, go figure.
Here are a couple of the pictures that I have from yesterday.
Our happy girl after waking up:
Ella’s 1/2 Birthday cake =)
Ella with her cake:
Will post more later, Ella is screaming and it’s now time to go home.

2 thoughts on “6 Months Old Already!

  1. Poor baby! Cole had a welt on one of his legs after his 4 month shots:( I think Cole is really really starting to teethe. He is miserable, has a low grade fever, hates his bottle (which by his size you would know that's not like him), drooling everywhere, and everything is in his mouth:( How long has it lasted for you? Any tricks that you have found that works?

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