Ella, & Rainbows, & Teeth. . . . .Oh my!

Ella will be 6 months old and she might have at least 1 tooth before then! The poor kid has been teething for about 2 months now and it looks like it’s finally coming to a head. The past couple nights her (and therefore my) sleep have been horrible, and this is why.

Poor thing, her two top teeth are working their way out slowly but surely. Unless she’s (finally) napping, or in her exersaucer she SCREAMS if I put her down, poor thing just wants to be comforted, it makes for a long day at work though. I bought her an infant sized Amber teething anklet off of etsy (yeah, I’m addicted so what!) and it’s WAY too big and it promptly fell off. I hate the idea of giving her tylenol (even the generic) so we’re just kind of biting our way through things right now.
So, we had a crazy rain storm last night but thanks to all that rain this morning I woke up to this:
And then to make it even better, when we got to work, I saw this:
2 rainbows in 1 morning, I thought it was pretty cool.
So, as I said above Ella will be 6 months old this coming Monday, she has her actual 6 month well check that morning which means shots to start things off. And, boo for me, Brad is going to a concert on Sunday and not driving home so I have to go by myself, again, for shots. But, on a happier not, for her 6 month photos I made her an ADORABLE tutu and commisioned 2 matching head bands from Princess Couture Designs, she is going to be too cute for words. I tried the tutu on her the other morning just to make sure I had all of my measurements right and had to squeal even looking at it over her little pj’s. So cute!
We were supposed to go to a Tim McGraw concert this weekend but plans changed so we aren’t going, but we had ordered Ella some infant noise reducing headphones to wear to the show and they look too funny on her not to share!
And, last but not least, this picture of Ella snoozing in her car seat. Look at how red her hair looks! CRAZY! When I was going back through pictures on my camera I was shocked at how much it stood out!

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