5 Months old!

Wow, how does time go by so quickly?! Slow down, I’m enjoying my baby!
So yes, on Friday the 2nd Ella hit the 5 month mark.
The poor thing has been teething for over a month now but has yet to cut a tooth. Her little gums are so swollen and she gets so fussy.
Thanks to the teething she is no longer sleeping through the night. Normal is getting up once a night, a bad night is 2 MAYBE 3 times. Sunday night, she was up at 10:30 pm, 2, 3, 4, 5, & we were up for good at 6! That sucked, but she was in pain!
Ella LOVES our nightly walks around the nieghborhood, she really enjoys being in her baby bjorn and getting to look out at everything around her, she especially loves all the neighborhood dogs that will run up and lick her little feet.
As a follow up, the kid LOVES DOGS, period.
Ella loves yams, hates carrots, and the jury is still out on green beans.
Her digestive system is not loving all of the veggies we’ve been giving her so I believe prunes will be next on the menu.
She is stubborn; she can roll over belly to back, she just doesn’t like to and won’t do it.
We are still waiting for a back to belly roll, she just can’t get that pesky arm out of the way.
Her smile when I walk in to her room to get her in the morning melts my heart.
She likes to “float” in her baths. She scoots her butt up and over the little support ledge and lays on it.
She wants to chew on anything except for her teething toys; be it wallets, remotes, cell phones.
She can sit supported but is still kind of clumsy (reference pictures below).
Her favorite thing to do is stand while holding on to your fingers.
She is getting a bit of a “Diva” complex and screams if you put her on the play mat and leave the room, or even if you’re in the room but trying to get something done. How dare you!
She likes to scoot herself off of said play mat.
I’m sure I could think of a million other things that she has picked up in the last few days but I’ll save those for another post. In the mean time, pictures. =)

Yum, Wallet strap!
I love the progression of these; Happy Ella and Kasen:
Super happy Ella; and she’s got a hold of her foot:
And then Kasen’s happy to oblige by handing her the other foot:
And here are some from our 4th of July weekend:
All right, I’ll save some pictures for next time. =) I haven’t had time to take Ella’s 5 month photos yet (I’m usually good at Day of’s!) so I will in the next couple days and get those posted! Soon!

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